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The pandemic influences our life in all aspects. Most teachers and students stay at home and conduct distance learning. Teachers are worried about student engagement and interaction online. Meanwhile, students find themselves hard to adapt to online learning, and learning outcomes drop significantly. A lose-lose situation is never what we want to see. Thus, ViewSonic brought out a complete solution that successfully creates a virtual classroom for everyone. Obstacles faced in distance learning, hybrid learning, physical learning can all be overcome.  

What is Whiteboard for Windows?

Whiteboard for Windows, currently the most powerful solution we have, replaces a traditional whiteboard, and even makes all lessons more engaging. Teachers can break through the barriers of old teaching tools. Easily combine online resources and multimedia, never a dream. As creativity and interaction in lessons increase, students will make more investments in learning. 

Whiteboard for Windows is available on both laptop and ViewBoard (ViewSonic’s interactive flat panel). It gives more flexibility and advantages in different teaching scenarios. However, you may wonder how the experience differs from using Whiteboard for Windows on the two devices. Keep reading to find out how myViewBoard suite makes your journey on teaching more efficient and engaging. 


What is ViewBoard?  

ViewBoard is ViewSonic’s interactive whiteboard targeting teaching and learning. With ViewBoard, a traditional blackboard can be replaced with a large display capable of digitalizing all teaching materials. When using with the Internet and Whiteboard for Windows, ViewBoard enables teachers to combine all resources and create interesting lessons. From lesson planning to presentation and even collaboration, all can be done painlessly with the generation-defining whiteboard. 

What Are the Differences?


Creating an engaging lesson is the mother of success in teaching. Whiteboard for Windows has powerful tools capable of enhancing interactivity and learning outcomes. Features like Magic BoxEmbedded BrowserPolls, and Clips help teachers deliver a magnificent lesson that students have never experienced. Students are satisfied and teachers also feel more accomplished and confident.  

Whiteboard for Windows serves all teachers just like other lesson planning software. We recommend planning lessons on a laptop. Using a physical keyboard and mouse is just much easier. If teachers have existing teaching materials, simply drag and drop them into the whiteboard canvas. Whiteboard for Windows has high compatibility and supports commonly seen document formats, including .pdf, .pptx, .doc, and other popular file formats.  

For ViewBoard users, editing and compiling teaching materials might not be as efficient as a laptop does, but Whiteboard for Windows now integrates third-party services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Quick drop files and drag them to the whiteboard canvas. Let the internet and cloud services relieve teachers’ burden. Welcome to dongle-free life! 


In the classroom, Whiteboard for Windows still dominates the game. Integrated with a camera and online streaming, teachers ensure the quality of hybrid learning and distance learning for students. Tools and Magic Box bring transform lessons interesting and engaging for all ranges of students. Finding suitable videos or pictures for students is hard? No worries. Clips, YouTube, image search in Whiteboard for Windows guarantee only proper content appears. Filtered and safe search results furthermore elevate the efficiency of teaching.  

ViewSonic provides different sizes of ViewBoard suitable for all kinds of classrooms. The large displays define a new teaching environment for all. Highly interactive UI and panel replace old whiteboards. Writing notes, attaching pictures, adding videos, playing games with students are easily accessible. Students become more engaged and concentrated simply with the use of Whiteboard for Windows.  

All features are available for laptop users. However, we recommend using a writing tablet. The screen-like device allows teachers to write on it and gives a pen-on-paper experience. Laptop cameras enable teachers to show physical or paper materials if they want. With proper settings, teachers can stream and present the whiteboard to the whole class with ease. 



In the era of digital learning, maintaining student engagement is always teachers’ pain point. Take your pick of action, but enabling collaboration always stands as the best teaching method when it comes to getting students engaged. New ideas spark in teamwork and interaction. With features like Magic BoxEmbedded BrowserClips, and Pop Quiz, Whiteboard for Windows provides all useful tools that bring all students together. Visual classroom is no longer a place of one-man show, but a great chance to make two-way communication meaningful. 

Participate is another effective feature to realize in-class collaboration. Once enabling Participate, the panel of Whiteboard for Windows splits into up to 6 independent panels. Students in a physical classroom can show their creativity and collaborate on ViewBoard. Since each panel independently works on its own, no interference is possible. Digital whiteboarding also encourages students to brainstorm, discuss, and interact with each other. 


Exam still works as the most popular (or hated) way to evaluate the performance and learning outcome of students. Before having Whiteboard for Windows, teachers in virtual classrooms would have to switch between applications just to test students. We make it happen. Creating quizzes and collecting results can be done within our application. Implementing nightmares to kids’ school life is so easy. 

Teachers can simply open Pop Quiz and write down questions on the canvas. Participants in the class or online see the question immediately and answer it with Companion app. Students’ replies are collected and show below the Pop Quiz panel. ViewBoard displays questions in Polls directly to students. Once the exam is done, the teacher can export the result as Excel files and review them in the future. The same thing can be done with a laptop, exporting exam results helps teachers evaluate student performance quicker.  


Review is the key to improving. Whiteboard for Windows, again, brings another surprise to save teacher’s time. On both ViewBoard and laptops, sessions can be saved and shared by QR code. Students can take less notes and thus stay focus on the class. After the class, session materials won’t be lost and can be reviewed afterward. 

Examining teacher materials occasionally helps teachers to enhance their capacity of teaching. Thanks to the slot-in PC of ViewBoard, saving files in ViewBoard is doable. Teachers can edit it or rehearse with ViewBoard. Surely, teaching materials created in Whiteboard for Windows can be exported and shared on the cloud as well. Simply send a link to your colleagues or community, get everyone involved, and create a promising future for all. The positive energy of sharing may multiply and return with great results.  


Whiteboard for Windows works effectively and efficiently on ViewBoard and laptops. Lesson planning is made easy. Presentation gets more engaging. Interactivity is enhanced. Evaluation and review can be done without trouble. Combine other myViewBoard services to solve your problems today. Start your trial of Whiteboard for Windows immediately. 


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