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February brings several new enhancements to improve your myViewBoard experience.

New Menu Options

The Settings menu gets two new options:

  • We added Tamil to our list of supported languages. To switch to Tamil, click the gear icon on the title bar, and select Tamil from the language options.
  • The settings menu now includes the option to change the language of the handwriting recognition feature. Click the Handwriting Recognizer selection to see available languages.
New options in settings
This month’s release adds two new options in Settings.

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Enhancements to the myViewBoard Experience

To start off, we’ve updated the splash screen!

New splash screen

When using the selection tool, selected objects will now have an orange outline. This makes it easier to identify selected objects against the new default white background.

Orange outline
Selected objects now use an orange outline.

Additionally, images received via the PopQuiz feature will no longer be stretched and will be shown in their original aspect ratio.

Saving a .vBoard file no longer clears the undo and redo history, so you have less worries during lesson creation. Note that myViewBoard offers unlimited undo actions so feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

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myViewBoard Original Content Video-assisted Learning

We’ve added a new section on the wiki: myViewBoard Original Content Video-assisted Learning. These lessons integrate myViewBoard Clips with myViewBoard Original Content to increase student engagement and participation in the classroom. We currently offer the following:

  • Time
    Move the hands of the clock to match the time shown on the video.
  • Color
    Use the video to match the correct colored circles to the labels.
  • Managing Tasks with Kanban Boards
    Organize your tasks using Sticky Notes on this Kanban board. If you need help, watch the embedded YouTube video as a guide.
  • US Map Puzzle
    Introduce key facts about each of the US states in a dynamic, interactive video format maximizing retention and memory.
Video Assisted Learning
These lessons integrate myViewBoard Clips with myViewBoard Original Content to increase student engagement and participation in the classroom.

We keep adding more content every week so keep visiting this page.

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Need Help?

To address the needs of myViewBoard users, we’ve set up the following channels:

  • myViewBoard Support
    We’ve added a brand new support page on If you’re having issues using myViewBoard, head over to our new support page and let us know how we can help.
  • myViewBoard Community
    Get help from your fellow myViewBoard users. This is a place where you can discuss your personal experiences, ask for myViewBoard advice, and share useful tips and tricks in using myViewBoard.
  • myViewBoard Wiki
    A deep dive on all things myViewBoard. If you’re in need of even more detailed information, quick start guides, and additional resources, check out our myViewBoard Wiki page.
  • myViewBoard YouTube channel
    We also have a Youtube channel where you can watch myViewBoard-related videos, everything from how to use myViewBoard to learning the latest features. Do visit regularly as this page is updated frequently.

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For more updates, head over to our Wiki at

Happy February everyone!

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