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This month, we’ve introduced minor improvements that add a lot to myViewBoard’s versatility.

Throw and Present

Educators, we’ve made things easier for you! Participants can now use the myViewBoard Companion app to automatically open objects sent via the “Throw” feature.

You can still access the thrown objects via the usual method: open the Magic Box, click the Throw icon on the Magic Box menubar, and drag the object to the canvas.

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More Accurate Color Selection

Additionally, we’ve enhanced how you select colors for canvas objects. The color picker has been revamped and now includes a special “eyedropper” feature. No more guessing what shade of red the official school color is.

New and improved color picker

To use, just click on the eyedropper icon and hover over the color you want to sample. The values inside the color selection dialog should automatically update. Note that you can even use the eyedropper to sample objects that are outside the canvas. Click on a color to select and lock the values on the color selection dialog.

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More Improvements

We’ve also updated a few things on the backend to make your myViewBoard experience better:

  • Support for two more Indian languages: Kannada and Hindi.
  • Sign in is no longer required to use the Immersive Reader.
  • Live Caption is available under all modes (preparation, presentation and desktop modes).
  • Improved loading times during launch.
  • Enhanced performance of the Page management menu.
  • If you drag and drop an Original Content background image onto a canvas, myViewBoard Original Content background images are no longer added to the user-defined background folder.

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Check out Our Latest Original Content

We’ve been busy adding new content and backgrounds these past few weeks. The new lessons are as follows:

  • Butterfly Life Cycle
    Demonstrates how to integrate a KWL chart and a video to teach the life cycle of a butterfly to students.
  • Valentines Day
    This activity shows how video-assisted learning can be used to share interesting facts about Valentine’s Day 💗.
  • Learning French Numbers
    Use myViewBoard Clips video-assisted learning to teach French numbers.
  • Wash Your Hands
    Wash your hands the right way by following these five handwashing steps recommended by the CDC.

New original Content for March

For myViewBoard for Android users out there, we have added IWB (Interactive Whiteboard Format) versions for some of the Original Content files. To check these out, click the IWB tag on the filter section. To use:

  • Download the IWB files on your Android device.
  • Then, launch myViewBoard for Android and use the Magic Box to locate and open them.


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For more updates, head over to our Wiki at

Happy March, everyone!

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