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Are you curious to know “what’s new” we have got for you this month? Well, we work diligently to improve our apps and bring you the new features that do more in less time. So, here we are with our new updates and improvements associated with myViewBoard Suite! We assure you that the changes we have made in myViewBoard apps would certainly enhance your user experience.

Let’s first talk about Open Learning Format (.olf) – one of the most significant and recent developments that has taken place in myViewBoard software tools. Replacing .iwb, the commonly used yet outdated file format, .olf  bridges the gap between Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android by providing the educators with the convenience of using the same file format on both the operating systems.

Continue to read to know more about the updates that we have introduced in the month of September. And undoubtedly, our amazing new features will make your teaching more efficient and productive!

Time to learn, kids!

Whiteboard for Windows

Open Learning Format Release

We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation – Open Learning Format, also known as .olf! This new file format offers all the users of our respective Whiteboards – Windows and Android – an easier way to save, load, and edit files. Our goal is to establish a common file format across all platforms, including other digital learning software.

Note: To ensure the better user experience, we are constantly observing the behavior of our new .olf filetype.  Hence, all teaching materials created on Whiteboards can still be saved as .vboard, and .iwb.

Other Improvements in Whiteboard for Windows

  • When the users are about to automatically signed out, a notification will appear on the screen to inform them to move the mouse or click once (anywhere on the current page) to stay signed in.
  • Click “Submit feedback”  for sharing your experiences and suggestions directly with our Product team.
    (Setting > > Miscellaneous > Submit feedback)

Whiteboard for Android

Some Major Updates and Developments

  • The .olf file format is available for use in Whiteboard for Android.
  • In the presentation mode, “Add a new page” is supported.
  • Click “Submit feedback” for sharing your experiences and suggestions directly with our Product team.
    (Setting > > Miscellaneous > Submit feedback)


Better Cloud Integration for OneDrive Users

The users who bound their Classroom to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business can now share their lesson materials with the respective individuals or students using the QR code and can export the session materials in .qb, .pdf, and recorded video formats. Additionally, setting the backgrounds of your canvas is doable now for Classroom users by using the images stored in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

More features for Classroom users

We welcome Swedish and Indonesians to our myViewBoard Classroom!  Svenska and Bahasa Indonesia UI are ready to serve local users. Hello, tjenare and selamat!

Also, there are more alternatives available in 2D and 3D shapes for Classroom users. Use the new shapes like sphere, trapezoid, parallelogram, and right triangle in your lessons.

Other Improvements in Classroom

  • For each teacher account, only one session is allowed at a time. If the teacher attempts to create more than one session, the “End Session” message will appear on the screen, resulting in the closing of your ongoing session.
  • There is a new Magic Box layout for our users.
  • Using the AI pen, you can now draw a picture for searching any image in Google, Magic Box image search, and YouTube.
  • The icon of Polls is updated to . Also, the students can now view the results of polls.
  • If you import an inconvertible file, a warning message will pop up on the screen.


Manager Works with Other IFPs

When myViewBoard Box is plugged into ViewSonic ViewBoard, ViewSonic CDE, or Promethean ActivPanel, IT admins can send RS232 commands from myViewBoard Manager web console to these devices. That is to say, myViewBoard Manager enables IT admins to manage the connected devices through myViewBoard Box.

Also, myViewBoard Manager expands its territory and succeeds in turning IFPs of other brands into our use.
Supported devices:
– ViewBoard and ViewSonic CDE
– Promethean ActivPanel: Cobalt, Nickel, Titanium, and Titanium Pro

Other Improvements and Features in Manager

  • The Swedish language feature is supported now.
  • While adding the first device to your myViewBoard Manager, clicking the “+” button will display a tooltip to guide you through the connecting process.
  • Some pages did not have a scroll bar, we have fixed the problem by adding one on the left panel list.

If you want to quickly understand myViewBoard Manager, watch this video.


Companion App Interface Revamped

The brand new sign-in page is here! When launching the app, you can select your user identity: Teacher, Student, or Guest.

If you face any problems, please reach out to us by clicking on your avatar and selecting “Submit Feedback”. Once you send the completed feedback form, the suggestions will be reviewed by the Product team. Let’s make the Companion app better together!

Enhancements in Companion app
Use the Companion app as per your roles

Other Updates

  • We are glad to inform you that is available for Swedish now. Say Tjenare to our Swedish friends! However, Hindi is temporarily removed. We are trying our best to have everything fully translated. So, we request for your patience.
  • When sharing a quiz in Clips, a web notification will appear on the screen.
  • Live and Recorder now support Japanese and Indonesian.

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