Prepare A Great Story

Make your presentations stand out with illustrative diagrams and materials. Import a wide range of amazing contents from Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and websites.

One Canvas, Rich Content

Integration of multimedia & browser-based content, the host can aggregate documents, images, audios, videos, browsers, YouTube, and apps in one canvas as your presentation plan. Save time and build upon your topic materials by dragging and dropping internet images and YouTube videos.




  • Google G Suite content import
  • Microsoft Office 365 content import
  • .IWB file import
  • Browser-based content import
  • Multimedia import
  • Internet image drag and drop
  • YouTube video drag and drop
  • Hand-written text recognition
  • Mind mapping
  • Lasso tool

Present the Story

Facilitate an engaging environment by presenting your rich content on cloud and distribute it to any internet connected device or display simultaneously.

One Canvas, Multiple Cloud Access & Broadcast

Integration of cloud services & displays, the host can link to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and cast screen images to internet connected monitor, projector, display, and Windows/Mac/iOS/Android device at the same time.


  • myViewBoard™ Cloud services
  • myViewBoard™ Cast in/out
  • myViewBoard™ Huddle

Participate in the Story

Sync up with a variety of whiteboarding and audio-visual tools. Attendees can give their inputs instantly in the form of texts, documents, images, and videos.

One Canvas, Real-time Collaboration

Integration of video conferencing and file sharing, participants can proceed a video conference with Zoom or GoToMeeting app while having rich whiteboarding tool to write and draw on the same screen. Extended materials such as documents, images, and videos can be shared over any internet connected device.


  • myViewBoard™ Meet
  • myViewBoard™ Throw
  • myViewBoard™ Pop Quiz (for training)

Easy Access to Cloud Storage & Conference Software

Single sign-on

Single log-in with a myViewBoard™ ID is all you need to access 3rd party applications on the whiteboard.
These include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.

Personalized Settings

FollowMe AI

Set preferred education or business interface, auto log-out time, backgrounds, graphic pens,
favored graphic bookmarks, and more on your whiteboard.

Annotation On-top of Any Apps

On-top tool bar

When switching out of myViewBoard for Windows canvas,
you can still keep the annotation tool bar on top of screen when accessing apps or displaying content.

Website Bookmarks


Set your commonly used websites as the iconic bookmarks in the browser homepage.
Then, drag those icons to change the order.

Screen and Activity Recording

Capture & camera recording

Record everything on screen in a picture or video file.
Support camera images from external webcam, document camera, electronic microscope, etc.