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Running on an enterprise-grade security, the myViewBoard™ solution includes a myViewBoard™ native app (myViewBoard™ for Windows) for host PCs (Windows 10 Pro) and a myViewBoard™ web app (myViewBoard.com) for client devices (Chrome Browser) designed to provide a better digital whiteboard experience for group communication. myViewBoard™ can be conveniently accessed via any device with a Chrome browser. myViewBoard™ solution along with Windows 10 Pro based PC allows multiple participants to share the same screen simultaneously from anywhere in the world. All a host needs to do is download and activate the whiteboard app, myViewBoard™ for Windows*, from myViewBoard.com on a Chrome browser, while participants can simply login on the website and begin sharing content. Users also have the ability to control presentations remotely on “myViewBoard™ for Windows” via the myViewBoad for Android or myViewBoard for iOS companion app. *A recommended PC system requirement: Intel CPU x86 i5, 8GB SSD

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Download the whiteboard app

myViewBoard™ for Windows

myViewBoard™ for Windows app is a myViewBoard™ native app with rich annotation capabilities and easy cloud syncing. Supporting web browsers, as well as popular document & media file types, myViewBoard™ for Windows provides a variety of annotating pens and painting tools.

Set up the Cloud Storage

Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Box are the most popular cloud storage service. myViewBoard™’s Cloud Drive Authentication function allows users to choose any or all four of these services as their default storage for anything they save in the myViewBoard™ for Windows app. After setting up the Cloud Drive Authentication, those cloud icons will appear along the top of the screen that allows users to enable/disable when opening the myViewBoard™ for Windows app.

Use Cast in/Cast out

When using Cast in/Cast out, all users need to do is know each other’s myViewBoard™ ID. The host can annotate over shared images from a chosen participant and take a snapshot/film a video for record.

White Paper

An Enterprise-Grade Secure Platform

See how myViewBoard™ integrates Github, Docker, and Circle CI, deploy secure, scalable architecture on Amazon’s Web Service Cloud platform, and WebRTC’s protocol.