Your digital whiteboard in the cloud.

myViewBoard™ merges the physical and virtual space with on-site touch
and online interactive technologies for engaging content creation.

A Better Digital Whiteboarding Experience

Avoid the hassles associated with traditional whiteboards including a confined writing space, limited annotation options, messy written communications, etc., and create unlimited amounts of rich and organized content on myViewBoard™.

Online Whiteboarding with Mobile Devices

Compatible across operating systems and other digital boundaries, myViewBoard™ brings students and team members around the world together to elaborate on their ideas by allowing them to write, draw, and drag multimedia with ease.

Rich Content Creation & Capture

Even the most out of the box ideas can be expressed in full with a variety of writing, drawing, and multimedia tools. Dragging Google Images and YouTube videos onto the board is possible as well and hosts are able to capture and record screen images and annotations in the middle of a discussion.

Easy Content Distribution

Only a Chrome browser is needed for hosts* and participants to share screen images. All the host needs to do is download and activate the whiteboard app myViewBoard™ for Windows from on a Chrome browser, while participants can simply login to the website and begin sharing content.

* An recommended PC system requirement: Intel CPU x86 i5, 8GB SSD

Integrated Cloud Services

The embedded cloud integration panels, Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox, along with data syncing capabilities allow users to enable or disable cloud storage functionality.


High Privacy & Security

Powered by Amazon web services, myViewBoard™ runs on an enterprise-grade secure platform that enables group communication over the internet from anywhere. Once logged out of myViewBoard™, files are saved to the default cloud storage provider; all access and temporary files are deleted without a trace.

On-Site Interactive Touch Whiteboarding with ViewBoard®

By pairing the 55”/65”/75”/86” ViewSonic ViewBoard®’s 4K, 20-point touch display with bundled smart software, myViewBoard™ mirrors remote users’ screens while allowing multiple users to place the board’s control at their fingertips via ViewBoard®.

Interactive Control with ViewBoard®

Highly sophisticated demonstrations can be conducted by easy one-, two-, and three-finger touch commands. myViewBoard™ offers specialized finger/hand gesture control on ViewSonic ViewBoard® for quickly selecting annotation tools.