Laser Pen

Use Laser Pen to make people focus on any particular object or piece of information. It highlights your selected text or images for that specific point in time.

The Laser Pen draws lines like the highlighter tool. 

However, laser is more similar to a laser pointer since lines are not persistent and disappear whenever the laser pen draws another line.

Lines created by the laser pen cannot be selected using the Selection Tool.   

Using the laser pen.


To access the laser pen pen:

  • Click the Pen tool once to activate.
  • Click again to open Pen tool options, and select the laser pen pen.

The following options are available:

  • Color options - To change colors, click the preferred color and start drawing.
  • Pen width - sets the size of the stroke. The preview circle changes to reflect the current stroke size.

myViewBoard provides the following pen options:

This marker is the default pen tool. Change color from the window, and use the sliders to alter line width and opacity.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows/Android/online and Classroom
Paint Brush
This paint brush tool has a different stroke design but functions similarly to the Marker pen tool, and has the same options for customization.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows
This highlighter pen has five preset colors and a preset opacity for highlighting over the whiteboard.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows/Android and Classroom
The laser pen is similar to the Highlighter, but each stroke is only visible until the next stroke is started. This can be used to draw attention to something on the the screen, without the need to erase the strokes.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows and Classroom
AI Pen
The AI pen opens a new area to draw in. The left panel displays graphics that the AI believes matches the user's drawing. To add a graphic, just drag and drop onto the whiteboard. You can change the color, undo and redo, and delete all from within the drawing area.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows/Android and Classroom

Shape Pen
The shape pen draws lines as a series of repeating shapes. There are several shapes to choose from, with sliders for size and opacity. Click here to learn how to add custom images.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows/Android
Magic Line Pen
The Magic Line pen acts like a background reveal tool. Choose from different presets or upload your own images. Tip: this tool can be used together with gridlines from the background menu to create a fun guess-the-picture game for students.
Available in Whiteboard for Windows/Android

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