Online Whiteboard for Efficient Collaboration


Online Whiteboard for Efficient Collaboration

How to create a team in TeamOne

In TeamOne, create teams to bring collaborators into a space on your dashboard with only boards relevant to that team.

How to invite teammates

  1. Go to your TeamOne dashboard.
  2. Ensure you've selected your desired team:
    1. Review your current team by hovering over or pressing the team selection dropdown.
    2. If you'd like to change teams, after pressing the selection dropdown, select your desired team.
  3. Press the + Invite teammates button.
  4. You'll be presented with two options to invite:
    1. Option 1: Send an email invite.
      1. Under By email, input all emails of collaborators you wish to invite to your team.
      2. Ensure you press enter after inputting an email.
      3. When all desired invitees' emails have been entered, press Send invitation.
    2. Option 2: Share an invite link.
      1. Under By link, press Copy link.
      2. By your preferred method, share this link with all desired invitees.
  5. Once your new teammates have accepted the invites, they'll have access to your team and its boards.


Team management is coming soon in a future release. For now, please be aware once a teammate is invited, you will not be able to remove them from your team.

If you would like to control their access rights to certain boards, please review our articles on projects and sharing boards.

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