Halloween Roll-A-Story

The traditional roll a story writing/telling prompt has gone digital with this Halloween-themed creative activity for Whiteabord to help students generate ideas!

🧟‍♀️ Let the students roll a die three times to identify their character, setting, and problem in their story, and the rest is up to their imagination!🧛‍♂️


Originals - Halloween Roll-A-Story includes a Story Map graphic organizer to help students organize the parts of their story.

The activities tap into students’ natural love of scary stories while helping them develop critical writing skills and let their creativity guide them to write their own spooky stories.

👻 First, students roll dice to determine their story’s character, setting, and conflict.

👻 Next, we designed the “Magic” pictures to help students use their creativity and imagination to write/tell a compelling Halloween-themed story! When they click the selected parts of their story steps, the scenario picture will show out on the whiteboard.

👻 Then, use the Story Map- BME to help students organize the story outline for summary writing from the beginning, middle, end, and identify the problem and solution of the story.

👻 Last, use Story Map- Plot Diagram to help students understand essential story elements and identify the exposition, problem, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution to complete this Halloween- themed story.