From Seed to Fruit: Pickled Cucumber


Students will be able to:

  • Discover the stages of a cucumber's life, from seed to fruit.
  • Examine the impact of seasonal changes on cucumbers.
  • Connect nature's laws to human life.
  • Investigate pickling.
  • Engage their senses and explore nature.
  • Deepen the learning with a farm visit.



  • Coloring Activity: The coloring sheet shows the transformation a cucumber goes through as it grows. By coloring these stages, students will learn about the life cycle of a cucumber.
  • Drag and Drop Activity: Put the stages of a cucumber's life in the correct order.
  • Group Discussion: It takes about four months for cucumbers to bloom and bear fruit. What can we do with cucumbers in other seasons?
  • Extended Learning: Without a refrigerator, what can we do if we want to enjoy delicious cucumbers in different seasons?
  • Pickled Plum Worksheet: Use your five senses to observe the pickling process. As time works its magic, record your observations in this worksheet.

💡 Originals Content Tips:

  • Use ClassSwift to assign pictures to students’ devices.
  • Use Participate Mode to divide the Whiteboard into multiple smaller whiteboards.

Bonus Tip: Adapt the pickling project based on your summer produce haul! Consider using fresh ingredients for an extra special touch (ViewSonic Originals Pickled Cucumber is an example!).