🍁Thanksgiving Drawing🎨🎃🍰 - blue plaid


Students will be able to:

  • Compare the differences between pictures.
  • Recognize the differences between American and Canadian Thanksgiving food culture.
  • Practice their drawing skills and imagination on blank pie slices.
  • Work with others to complete a full pie.


  • Find the Differences: Here are two Thanksgiving feast tables respectively for Americans and Canadians. Comparing the two pictures, did you notice any different dishes between them? Circle them out.
  • Draw Your Pie Slices: Draw and design your own pie slices. Use your imagination and create whatever flavors you want. Fruits, chocolates, or even flowers! Open your companion app and import the blank pie as the background. Besides using the marker, try using the AI pen to help with your drawing! After drawing, use the throw feature to upload your pie slices onto the whiteboard.