What does Clips do?

Save time on lesson planning

Lesson planning shouldn’t take more time than actually teaching. With Clips, teachers can quickly create lessons around video content online or choose from selected premade lesson plans. Educators can save on prep time to focus on what’s important: the students.

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The right video for every class

Videos are categorized by subject, age range, and keyword so teachers can find the right video for their lessons with ease.

Add custom content to any video

Teachers can add context and meaning to videos by adding personalized teaching notes, lesson plans, or supplemental activity ideas. This ensures students understand what they’re learning while they watch.

Easily embed in-video assessments

Making in-class assessments is quick and easy. Teachers can embed quizzes directly in the video at key times and then with auto-generated reports for immediate results.

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Key Takeaways

96.6% of teachers surveyed regularly use video in their teaching.

80% of teachers believe they would benefit from having access to a website dedicated to educational videos.

Over 60% of teachers report feeling frustrated when searching for video content.

Better together

Get more out of lessons with tools designed to integrate with Clips

A Natural Teaching Experience


A whiteboard is infinitely more than slides. It’s the centerpiece of your classrooms where you learn, play, get it wrong, and do it all again until you get it right. Get a real-time tool that allows non-linear, ad-hoc engagement.

Get a tool purpose-built for educators to teach your way.

A Classroom without Boundaries


A classroom is where learning happens. The natural extension of the learning experience is to bring teachers and learners together no matter where they are.

Wherever learning happens can be the classroom. Here’s the tool that makes that happen.

Enhancing Student Engagement


There is such a thing as too much information. The modern obsession with Big Data does little to help the day-to-day in your classrooms. But the right data at the right time helps teachers focus on engaging and inspiring their students and getting the best possible learning outcomes.

Use real-time feedback to optimize lessons and student engagement with a next-generation educational tool.

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In-class Learning Add-on


Hybrid Learning Add-on
  • Features

    Simultaneous teacher devices
    Remote student streams
    Supported tools
    Available in Whiteboard Advanced and Classroom Advanced
    Only available in Whiteboard Advanced
    Available in Whiteboard Advanced and Classroom Advanced
    Teacher access
    Student remote access
    Included in an Entity account
    US$1,500 /year
    US$3,200 /year

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