What does Display do?

Instant screen sharing

A secure web-based wireless screen sharing solution to make any presentation a breeze.
To start sharing, just visit myviewboard.com/display and type the one-time password from the ViewBoard on your device.

Display Advanced for effortless teaching and management

Efficient in-class collaboration

Maximize lesson time and engage on a deeper level with students while enjoying freedom from technical issues or incompatible hardware.

With the Moderator and Split Screen Modes, stay in control of lesson flow while fostering collaborative activities.

Streamlined license management

Easily manage and track all Display Advanced licenses within a single platform. There's no need to walk up to each device individually - all operations can be done remotely. Conveniently switch licenses between displays for upgrades or maintenance at no extra cost.

Moderator Mode for smooth presentations

With Display Advanced Moderator Mode, teachers can host presentations with up to 6 attendees as well as manage the start and end of their speaking time.

Attendees cannot present without the moderator’s permission, ensuring the educator always has full control over the pace and content of the lesson.

Split screen sharing for cooperative learning

Experience a completely new level of teaching convenience with casting up to 4 devices simultaneously onto a ViewBoard.

Host collaborative learning activities, group presentations, or homework review directly on a large panel. Display Advanced Split Screen Mode caters to enhanced learning experiences and interactive classes.

Comprehensive solution with ViewSonic Education

myViewBoard Display shows whatever you have on your device, so make the most of all its presentation functions. Share a connected document camera, annotate with your favorite software, or just show what's on your screen.

myViewBoard is part of a complete education solution from

myViewBoard Security

myViewBoard is committed to keeping user data private and secure. All the content sharing between the host panel and the receiving devices is secured and encrypted. The content transmission is neither recorded nor screenshotted.

Try the simplest & most effortless presentation

* myViewBoard Display Advanced is only available for myViewBoard entities.


Display Advanced

    Presenter Platform
    Chrome/Edge Browser
    Chrome/Edge Browser
    Receiver Device
    Moderator Mode
        Support up to 6 attendees
        Add and remove presenters
    Split Screen
    Up to 4
    AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast Mirroring
    Coming soon
    $20 per license/year

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