The Secret World of Insects- Observing and Keeping

Want to teach kids about nature? Insects can help!

This content teaches students how to observe and keep insects correctly. 


Students will be able to:  

  • Understand how to observe insects correctly and fill in the observation sheet.
  • Discuss how to keep an insect.
  • Use the worksheets at the end of the courses. They can also be printed out for students to practice.


  • Let students share what kinds of insects they have seen in school.
  • Drag the correct observing tools into the suitcase.
  • Use the magnifier to look for the missing words and learn what to beware if you want to observe insects.
  • Discuss what kinds of insects students want to keep and talk about its living habits.
  • Worksheets: There are insect observation sheets and insect diary for students to utilize.
  • Online Game: Play a ViewSonic Originals Online Game to help students recall what they’ve learned.