Animal Master

Animals are fun to research, aren’t they? After conducting research on the animal of students’ choice, they can use the Originals- Graphic Organizer Template to help them present what they learned and take a pre-writing exercise for informational paragraph writing.


  • Originals- Graphic Organizer Template: Animal Research: guide students to organize their research on the amazing animals of the world. Write the features, fun facts, and complete the predator-prey relationships of the animal.
  • Originals- Graphic Organizer Template: Animal Vocabulary: guide students to write an animal for a letter of the alphabet and use can/have/are to write the description of it.
  • Learning Through Play: play Originals Online Multiplayer Monopoly Game- Animal Kingdom to let students recognize what they learned about the animals and who is the Animal Master!

🎮 Originals Online Multiplayer Monopoly Game- Animal Kingdom:

Run for one player, 2 players, 3, or even as many as 4 players playing together.

🦁 Tap the arrows by "Number of Players" in order to change the number of players and determine the order of players with the animal characters represented.

🐆 Flip the card to see the question. The animal graphic next to the orange card is representing the player.

🐑 If the answer is correct, the player’s token (animal) is moved around the board according to the number shown on the card.

🐧 Take turns, and the player who arrives first is the winner.