Greenhouse Effect

How Do You Heat a Whole Planet?

This content guides students to delve into the process of the greenhouse effect on myViewBoard with ClassSwift in an engaging and interactive way. It can be used for celebrating the awareness of Earth Day and World Environment Day and helping students learn about our wonderful world and how we can protect it.


Students will be able to:

  • Comprehend the process and principles of the greenhouse effect.
  • Identify common greenhouse gases and their emission sources.
  • Integrate topics into the curriculum to enhance students’ independent thinking and knowledge application.


  • Knowledge Point Learning I: Click on the numbers to see the process and principle of the Greenhouse Effect.
  • Fill in the Blank: Deepen your memory of the process and principles of the greenhouse effect.
  • Extended Thinking I: Does the greenhouse effect only occur on Earth?
  • Knowledge Point Learning II: Listen to the audio to discover Common Greenhouse Gases and Emission Sources.
  • Extended Thinking II: What temperature would the Earth be without greenhouse gases? Use ClassSwift to assign the question and students can feedback on their answers.
  • Group Discussion: What impact does extreme climate have on our lives? Turn on participate mode to divide the whiteboard into smaller whiteboards for students to answer and discuss.