Time Travel ✈️ Time Zones

Do you know how to convert between different time zones around the world?

This ViewSonic Originals Content will assist your teaching of International Time Zones and evaluate students’ ability to calculate the time difference in countries around the world. 


  • Video-assisted Learning: Watch a video to understand the concept of time zones.
  • Time Zones Map: This colorful Time Zones Map explains the concept of time zones and how they work. Students will understand that the time will be different depending on where you are at.
  • Group Collaboration: Calculate the time in different countries and what people might be doing in different time zones.

💡 Originals Content Tips: Use the spin feature to randomly pick a time for group discussion.

  • Exercise: Challenge students to find out the correct destination using the information on the flight ticket.

💡 Originals Content Tips: Use the shape pen to draw the route of the airplane.

  • Learn Through Playing: Play a ViewSonic Originals Online Game to help students recall what they’ve learned. Let’s pick out the passengers that match the time zone of the city!