From Eyes to Hands: Landscape Painting

Children will be inspired by the breathtaking works of renowned Taiwanese artists - Chen Cheng-Po, Liao Chi-Chun, and Yang San-Lang. Interactive activities powered by ClassSwift+myViewBoard will guide them as they explore unique artistic perspectives, document their inspiration, and weave their creations with natural scenery to craft their own landscapes.


  • Listen, Learn, Jot Down: Click on each painting to access introductory audio descriptions. Students will listen, identify key details, and take notes on the three famous paintings.
  • Memories in Masterpieces: After listening to the introductions, prompt students to consider if the paintings resemble any familiar places they've visited.
  • Landscapes In Our Hands: Have students brainstorm and draw locations with beautiful sights from their own experiences. This could be the front door of their house, the view from a train window, or anything else that inspires them. Encourage them to express their creativity freely. Once their artwork is complete, have them carefully cut a hole in it to represent a frame. Then, take the "landscape frame" outside and explore! Students should find a visually interesting spot that aligns with their artwork and capture the moment with a photograph.
  • Packing Checklist: Provide students with a checklist to ensure they have everything needed for outdoor exploration (optional: customize the checklist based on your specific needs).
  • The Big Art Reveal: Facilitate a student-led sharing session where students present their favorite picture of their "landscape frame" creation.
  • Emoji Reflection: Provide a choice of emojis and have students select the one that reflects their feelings about the lesson, followed by a brief explanation.

🖼️ Artwork captured from ViewSonic Taiwan Head Office.