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Yes, You are the Pilot

Hey teachers, don’t you think education is like going on a journey?

You take a plane and fly to different places. So do kids. During their time in school, kids follow your steps to explore the world.

That’s right, you are the pilot, the one taking them to the new world.

However, have you ever think about how to do this?

Pilots Can’t Fly without a Plane

To do a good job, a pilot needs the best tool. We get it. That’s why we brought you a nice plane to fly with- ViewBoard, currently the most popular interactive flat panel (or IFP) in the world.

Up to this date, hundreds of thousands of schools have decided to replace their old blackboards with digital whiteboards.

It may sound like a big decision and a tough move to call. Actually, it’s not. It’s a no-brainer for schools.

Just think about it: if there are two planes ready to take off, one propeller plane and the other Boeing 747. Which one would you choose?

We believe you already have an answer in mind…

OK, a Superb Airplane, Then What?

However, without the aid of software during flights, it’s unlikely for you to reach the destination. The same idea goes with teaching. Digital whiteboards are your cockpit. However, without educational software, it doesn’t mean much to you and your kids. 

Regarding this issue, there are many whiteboarding solutions now. They all aim to improve teachers’ work efficiency. The results are good. Consequently, more teachers want to learn whiteboarding software now.

“Wait, what about other staff in our school?” an anxious principal says.

No worries, it doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, IT admin, or principal. We got your back:

  1. As a teacher, digital whiteboarding tools help you teach easier. And kids will be more engaged in the class.
  2. As an IT admin, managing all hardware from laptops becomes possible now. There’s no need to run across the whole campus only to turn off a display.
  3. As a principal, you will be happy to see the positive impacts EdTech brings to all staff and kids. This merit cycle is going to change everything.

Next, we’ll address one of the most asked questions – how can we help schools that own different types of whiteboards?

We Provide Support for All Pilots

Aircraft are categorized into many models, so are digital whiteboards. We notice that most of them run on Android, Windows, and iOS. And that’s why you can find myViewBoard on these 3 operating systems.

Check to see how we help teachers with different operating systems:


By default, all ViewBoards run with Android OS. Also, all applications are pre-installed. Thus, when you open a device for the first time, you don’t have to spend extra time searching and downloading apps.

“Hold on, our school doesn’t have a ViewBoard. How can we implement myViewBoard applications?” another concerned principal says.

Glad you ask, myViewBoard never forgets your needs. myViewBoard ecosystem is available on all Android-based devices. 

Simply go to Google Play Store and download our applications. You’ll be able to upgrade and empower your old plane with our powerful software. 


Some users may prefer to use Whiteboard for Windows. Therefore, ViewSonic provides slot-in PCs for your ViewBoard.

A slot-in PC is like a small computer, which is installed on ViewBoards. It works just like your computer. Therefore, it helps everyone seamlessly transfer your habits of preparing lessons from laptops to ViewBoards. 

Of course, the Windows version allows you to use all myViewBoard services on your laptops.

Teachers can prepare and present lessons directly on Whiteboard for Windows.
Principals will never have to spend so much time building a digitalized learning environment.
IT admins can help manage users, hardware, and software through our web-based management console.

I bet you want to know more. Check our wiki to learn what the Windows version is capable of doing.


Hey, iOS users, we never forget you.

Here’s good news – Whiteboard for iOS is available now!

Go to Apple App Store. Download it. Then, it’s time to enjoy it on your iPad. We promise you there will be more applications available in your App Store!

Welcome Aboard

Currently, nearly 5 million educators and students are celebrating the positive outcome that myViewBoard brings to their schools.

If you want to experience the same, feel free to contact us. Or learn more on our website.

myViewBoard ecosystem is always here for you, and it’s free for all the EdTech Pioneers!

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