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myViewBoard Whiteboard (Window/Android/Online)

Make your whiteboard digital. Designed to enable collaboration and interaction for physical classrooms and hybrid learning​. Stream to an unlimited number of participants while you teach your class live.

Better Collaboration


Teach like you always have, Anywhere. myViewBoard Classroom is a browser-based learning environment for up to 30 students, with interactive tools built-in to create engaging lessons that can be taught from any device.

Better Collaboration

myViewBoard Companion

The perfect partner for myViewBoard Whiteboard. Control your presentation remotely, right from your phone.Increase audience interaction with pop-quizzes and live Q&As.

Efficient Ideation

myViewBoard Clips

Save time and energy preparing lessons with over 2 million educational videos that are curated, ad-free, & copyright-cleared. Designed for K-12 teachers, search content by age group, subject, and level. Save playlists and share with your colleagues.

Efficient Ideation

myViewBoard Originals

Premade interactive content, backgrounds, games, and lesson prompts. Searchable by categories like Science, Geography, Holidays, and more. Find fun and engaging activities to do on your myViewBoard Whiteboard.

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myViewBoard Display

Easily share your screen to large format displays without dongles, cords, or external apps. Use a completely browser-based with no software download necessary or install Display Receiver for enhanced functionality.

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myViewBoard Live

An Android application that lets you stream your Whiteboard sessions. Works with major streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Workplace. Share your sessions and interact with your viewers online, in real-time.

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myViewBoard Record

Screen recording for Android devices. Use independently or together with Whiteboard for Android. Record and store your lessons or presentations for easy sharing and later use.

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myViewBoard Sens

Understand your class better with AI data-driven optimization. Sens provides a full spectrum of environmental and emotional insights, in real-time, to make the most of learning spaces. Better understanding is better learning.

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A browser-based device management tool for organizations to manage all their large format devices. Securely control, broadcast install, and update hardware and software on your ViewBoards. Anytime, from anywhere.

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