What does Originals do?

Pre-made materials made for digital whiteboards

Technology is supposed to make things easier. That’s why Originals has an extensive library of teaching materials for all ages and subjects ranging from interactive modules to full lesson plans. All content is purpose-built for digital whiteboards and being created in the Open Learning Format (.olf).

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Fun backgrounds for any age group

Learning should be fun, so a little splash of creativity goes a long way. With both fun and functional backgrounds pre-made, teachers can easily add either some color, some structure, or both to a digital whiteboard.

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Extensive stock media library built-in

It’s frustrating when the perfect picture or animation has to be found, imported and added to lessons. What’s worse is having media stuck behind a paywall.

Originals features an extensive stock collection for teachers to add safe, copyright-cleared media to their lessons.

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Easy integration with online educational games

People learn through play, so it is a good idea to include as many gamified elements as possible. Originals has created its own exclusive educational games that can be dropped into a lesson or accessed from a web browser.

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Originals is part of our commitment to learning diversity.

Not every student learns the same so not every lesson should be designed the same. With an extensive library of inclusive educational content, teachers can address the diverse needs of every student in any school.

Better together

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A Natural Teaching Experience


A whiteboard is infinitely more than slides. It’s the centerpiece of your classrooms where you learn, play, get it wrong, and do it all again until you get it right. Get a real-time tool that allows non-linear, ad-hoc engagement.

Get a tool purpose-built for educators to teach your way.

A Classroom without Boundaries


A classroom is where learning happens. The natural extension of the learning experience is to bring teachers and learners together no matter where they are.

Wherever learning happens can be the classroom. Here’s the tool that makes that happen.

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