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Dear reader, we understand a lot of schools are on their summer break now, so if you haven’t already, why not take a moment to relax and reflect? Maybe with a glass of vino? Recently we’ve been working on some updates coming toward the end of the year, therefore not a lot of major items to report this month – so if you decide to skip reading this one, we won’t get too upset about it…but you will miss out on some cool tips and tricks.

Introductory videos

You know what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s why we’ve been making fun introductory videos for our apps on the myViewBoard YouTube channel (currently available in 5 languages too!).



Classroom now includes a new Polls feature. Use this to ask true or false, and multiple choice answers. Simply ask your question verbally or written out on the canvas, and invite your students to click the polls icon to respond. Responses can then be seen in real-time by the teacher.

UI of the polls feature in myViewBoard Classroom
Call multiple choice and true or false questions in Classroom.

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are now supported in myViewBoard Classroom. Once integrated you can save to, and load from, the cloud storage, as well as upload custom backgrounds. Read how to link your OneDrive account to myViewBoard here.

Other updates include:

  • Improved user interface for cloud storage
  • Users can now rotate text and images
  • The teacher video box can now be moved
  • Clips Quiz user interface has been improved.


Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android

Take a snooze on this one – no updates this month – we’re working on a new file format that should make your life much easier. Watch this space…


Whiteboard online

  • OneDrive (including OneDrive for Business) integration now available.
  • Rotate text and images now possible (to flip things up a bit).
  • New cylinder and cones shapes (important when making hats on your stick figures as well as math class)


Companion App

Companion App is now available in Indonesian – pretty useful for the 200 million people that speak it. Bagus sekali!



You can now export quiz grades and play quizzes in fullscreen mode – no more eye squinting, which gives me wrinkles, so we appreciate this very much. website

We’ve revised how the bookmarks for the embedded browser in Whiteboard work, and some technical things related to ensuring the integrity of The Internet.




Wow, you read this far? OK, here’s what we’re working on…

It’s 2021, and you know what everyone could do without? Endless different file types, especially ones that are incompatible with different software and/or mess up your file formatting. So that’s why we’re building one file type that is compatible across multiple myViewBoard apps and can even be used by other apps and software suites too.

Sounds simple, right? If we’re close to having self-driving cars and robots that can sink half-court basketball shots, surely we can have one file type that’s compatible across every app right? Well, just as with autonomous vehicles and athletic robots, ironing out the kinks can be tricky. So that’s what the team at myViewBoard has been spending a lot of time on recently! We hope to announce something soon, after we’re sure everything’s perfect.

myViewBoard has embarked on the noble quest of eliminating file compatibility issues. Wish us luck.

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