New month, new features: import .flipchart files, apply fill color to any object, and select a default background color.

myViewBoard for Windows gets the following new features this month:

  • myViewBoard now supports .flipchart files. Use the Magic Box tool to import them.
  • Added the ability to update the fill color of 2D shapes, 3D shapes and AI pen objects. Click the adorning menu and select the color fill icon to use the feature.
  • Assigning a default background color for your canvas is now possible. Go to the and head over to the FollowMe AI configuration page. Under backgrounds, click the Pick a Color option, and select a color. Finally, click Set Default to set that color as the default background for your next myViewBoard session.

We’ve also made modifications to make using myViewBoard easier:

  • Greater control when drawing lines with the ruler. Lines drawn using the ruler no longer overshoot and now stop at the edge.
  • The measurement and drawing behaviors between the ruler, protractor and compass have been made consistent.
  • We’ve improved the handling of imported .notebook or .enb files. Objects no longer scale to fit the current canvas size. Additionally, original locations and sizes are also preserved.
  • Users attempting to open other .vboard files now get a prompt to save the currently opened .vboard file. No more lost work!
  • Improved snap-to-edge behavior for easier snapping.
  • Moving a group of objects no longer requires selecting them first. Just drag and move.

We’ve also added more content to the myViewBoard wiki, as well as updating how content is organized so information is easier to find. Check out the following:

To learn more, head over to the myViewBoard wiki at:

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