This month, myViewBoard for Windows gets several new improvements.

New features to manipulate objects:

  • You can now assign a fade-out animation to selected objects in creation mode. Then in presentation mode, tapping these objects causes them to fade out.
  • Can’t find the shape you need? Combine multiple selected shapes into a single shape.
  • Divide an into ellipse to multiple pies. Perfect for discussing fractions!
  • You can now have the media player play in loops.
  • It’s now possible to export all canvases into an .iwb file.

* * *

Additional enhancements for existing features:

  • We’ve added a way to configure your Text-to-speech profile in the settings menu. Text-to-speech should also now work on partially selected sentences, or words in a paragraph in the text editor.
  • Additionally, you can now assign a default font and font size for the text editor.
  • Ruler, geodreieck, protractor, compass, and clock tools have been improved to be more user friendly.
  • You can now adjust the transparency of strokes, lines, connectors, and shapes via the object menu.
  • The embedded browser now has the ability to load URLs in a new tab.
  • We now offer support for new languages: Polish and Portuguese.

That’s all for now! For help on using these features, head over to the myViewBoard wiki at:

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