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It’s officially fall, and we here at myViewBoard are glad the summer heat has passed. With the school semester moving along, we’re happy to share what’s new in myViewBoard in October 2022. Read on for enhancements in Manager, Classroom, and Whiteboard!

Manager Quality of Life Enhancements 😎

Let’s start with a quality of life (QOL) update within the Manager console. This year, we’ve added lots more commands you can send to devices. As a result, we want to make it easier for our users to review recent actions, and you can now do so by filtering notifications by category. Conveniently filter actions related to apps or usage, license assignments, and profile assignments.

Notification categories available in Manager
Now you can filter notifications by category for more convenient review of the latest Manager updates.

Manager Advanced Updates

Of course, Manager Advanced is also experiencing QOL updates. Last month, we launched Profiles, which we hope you’re enjoying for it’s efficiency boosting benefits. This month, you can now assign device profiles from a device list!

Profile available for Advanced devices on device list
Assign a profile to one or more Advanced devices from a device list.

Let’s keep the QOL train rolling: Did you notice anything different in the above Profiles clip?

For those with a keen eye, you will have noticed Advanced features became available without switching the Advanced devices toggle. No matter if you have switched the Advanced list toggle, the main toolbar and remote control will automatically update to make Advanced features available when an Advanced device is selected. This update is sure to make your Manager experience a smoother one 🥂.

For the final QOL update, you can now quickly return to the myViewBoard home page by clicking the myViewBoard logo at the top-right of the console.

Other Manager Advanced Updates:

  • Profiles: Startup and shutdown scheduling is now configurable.
  • CDE4320 and CDE5520 device support:
    • Remote control: Schedule automatic startup and shutdown.
    • Profiles: Configure standby mode settings.
  • For devices connected via a ViewBoard Box, you can now power these devices on/off with Jobs. Auto-sync for Individual Entities

Finally, also features a quality-of-life update for the month. Now, Individual Entity can manage users more conveniently!

Any users not yet in your Entity but who are in your main domain and who also have already created a myViewBoard account can now be automatically synced every 24 hours.

To set up auto-sync,

  • Sign into and access Entity ManagementUsers.
  • Click the Find Domain-related Users button and wait for the user list to populate.
  • Then toggle the Auto sync domain users switch to on.

Set this one up ASAP to lessen your entity management load by one step 😊.

And the Rest of myViewBoard’s Updates

  • Classroom: We’re hard at work on a UI/UX redesign, so for this month you can expect performance and stability improvements, as well as bug fixes.
  • Whiteboard: All versions of Whiteboard are not seeing major updates this release, though we have fixed various bugs.
  • Originals new content: Indian Freedom Fighters

Until Next Month Our myViewBoard Friends!

As always, we’re hard at work on more updates and enhancements to keep bringing you the best myViewBoard experience possible. Stay tuned for more updates to Manager, Display, and Classroom, and some big news for Whiteboard 😎.

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