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EdTech has reshaped the paradigms of school teaching. It offers us a more convenient and effective setup of teaching methods. This means the schools are now creating a hybrid-learning environment around students to make sessions more engaging and interactive.

And, myViewBoard has a huge contribution to bringing more positivity and improvement to the class – enhancing student participation and helping teachers in balancing workload!

In short, myViewBoard helps schools become a more comfortable place to teach and learn. However, if you’re using myViewBoard products with a Standard or Premium account, you may have missed out on many advantageous features

To help you better understand the benefits of applying for a free entity account, we’ve compiled something exciting for you. So, come and explore a better opportunity for you and your students, only with the myViewBoard Entity account! 

1. Same Classroom, better outcomes

For sure, with premium accounts, myViewBoard Classroom has given you many aha moments. However, the entity version outperforms the premium version with the following exclusive features:

  1. Google Classroom integration: Once you connect myViewBoard Classroom with Google Classroom, you can send invitations to students via Google Classroom.  No extra steps are needed, a single click brings your students to the sessions.
  2. Gamification tool: The best way to educate a kid is to teach them without them knowing. myViewBoard Classrooom brings the idea to reality by providing a number of methods to teachers for delivering lessons. 
    1. Sketchfab: Quick open 3D models in Sketchfab to bring liveliness to the class. Twist and turn the models to explain things in detail to students.
    2. Polls and Ladder shuffle: It enables teachers to engage in a quick interaction with students, keeping your kids focused while having fun.

2. Increase engagement with videos

Videos always excite the class, but what comes after the excitement? Most teachers acknowledge that implementing multimedia resources into the class is a brilliant idea.

However, it seems that students have a hard time concentrating. Not to mention absorbing new knowledge when watching videos.

Another great obstacle is that over 60% of teachers report feeling frustrated when searching for new educational videos as they commonly spend more time than they have and don’t always find what they need.

There you go, myViewBoard Clips, the best video-assisted learning platform is here. 

  1. Quizzes: With questions inserted in the videos, it keeps students focused and engaged while it’s playing. 
  2. Lesson plans: The feature comes with premade teaching materials with educational videos. It reduces preparation time for teachers. 
  3. Filtered content: Clips also ensures only safe content can be found on the platform. Teachers never have to worry about any improper contentpopping up to interrupt the class.

myViewBoard also provides two upgraded Clips packages that fit hybrid/in-class learning environment. Want to create a perfect class for your student? Register as an entity account and request for a 90-day Clips add-on trial.

If you want to quickly understand myViewBoard Clips, watch this video.

3. Alleviate IT admin’s burden

myViewBoard application not only reshapes how people teach and learn. Also, it improves IT admin’s work efficiency. Therefore, myViewBoard Manager is here to serve, a web-based tool that supports all IT admins to remotely allocate resources and manage all hardware.

Let’s see what myViewBoard Manager can do for you:

  1. Software installation: Direct access allows you to install, delete, and update applications for your ViewBoards.
  2. Device control: Manage all devices remotely with a single click on your laptop. Adjusting volume, turning on/off the power, and scheduling hardware updates – all can be done within a second.
  3. Broadcasting: Send messages to designated ViewBoards and quickly announce important information. In myViewBoard Manager Advanced, IT admins can even broadcast with pictures and videos.

myViewBoard Manager, IT admin’s best management tool

4. Empower your IT administrator

Besides managing your ViewSonic hardware with Manager, myViewBoard has entity management,  which is a tailor-made solution for IT admins to set up software and user settings.

Have a quick look and see how entity management helps:

  1. User management: Quickly sync all office staff with your school and assign different roles to them. Clarifying different users’ authority and privilege improves your overall performance as an entity.
  2. Software instances: By creating templates for myViewBoard software, IT admins can unify the behaviors of all applications in the entity. When all settings and functions of devices are the same, teachers will never have trouble transitioning from one device to another.
  3. Single sign-on configuration: Set up SSO options for your school. It allows all users to log in quickly without risking security. Also, it reduces password fatigue for teachers.

5. Create a healthy and engaging class environment

Enhancing a student’s academic performance is the primary goal of a school. We have a solution that helps you achieve it!

Designed for the school’s specific needs, myViewBoard empowers Sens sensor device with AI technology. And it works with the Sens app perfectly!  A mesaurement index will help IT admins to optimize the learning spaces. At the same time, real-time qualitative insights guide teachers to find a better way to teach.

Have a look at the benefits an entity can get from Sens:

  1. Maintain wellness and safety in the Classroom by providing the data about safety protocols.
  2. Perform emotional sensing to help a teacher inspect the students’ emotions. Teacher can readjust and provide support.
  3. Provide Classroom Management support to IT admins. Emotional and environmental data help schools make strategic decisions that benefit students and faculty.

6. Dedicated support – bring you success

An effective problem solver is what myViewBoard aims to become. Whenever a problem appears, no matter you are an entity user or not, feel free to contact us! myViewBoard support team will contact you directly in no time. 

Not only that, we prepare more for you:

  1. Professional training: As an entity, you can request professional development courses. Step by step, our experts will guide you to become myViewBoard guru. Time to master all features!
  2. Tailored support: Having trouble getting onboard? No worries, myViewBoard will assist you with the necessary hardware and software setups.
  3. Direct access: Give us a call whenever you need it. Your personalized team is here to solve your problems.


Join myViewBoard family and become a pioneer in EdTech!

We believe you’ve decided to join myViewBoard family. But wait, let’s have a final look and anticipate what’s coming for your school.

  • Classroom with more functionalities increases teacher’s productivity. Also, it improves student’s engagement.
  • Clips enhances interactivity with safe content and saves your time with premade lesson plans.
  • Manager and entity management transform IT admin’s way of managing and boost efficiency.
  • myViewBoard support team always prioritizes your needs and keeps you company along the way.

Follow these 3 quick steps and lead your school to success!

  • Visit Contact Us and fill in the form.
  • Send your inquiry.
  • Our sales rep will contact you within a short time. 

Enjoy your time with your students. Stay tuned, more useful content is on the way.

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