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Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to meet our users’ expectations about the myViewBoard ecosystem. As a result, we bring you the most recent updates every month, without fail. So, we invite you to read “What’s New in December 2021” and apply our new developments to your work while using the myViewBoard apps.

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Educational Technology
Hybrid Learning Environment

Whiteboard for Windows

There are significant improvements made in Whiteboard for Windows. The users can now:
  •  Select the Portrait or Landscape mode while importing the PDF.
  • See their previously chosen color as the default option under Pen when the Whiteboard has opened again.
Portrait and Orientation Modes
Import a File by Choosing Portrait or Landscape in Whiteboard for Windows

Whiteboard for Android

Have a look at a few noteworthy enhancements in Whiteboard for Android:

  • If an IT admin disables the “Local Save” setting under Software Instances in Entity Management, then a teacher can “Save, Save As, and Export” a Whiteboard session only to a USB.
  • Issues with certain cameras that could cause Whiteboard crashes are fixed.


We advise Entity admins to take a note of the following developments in Manager:

  • Our Japanese IT admins of myViewBoard Manager can view the Dashboard in the Japanese language now.
  • IT admins can now schedule the Restart job for a device. Choose “Restart” while creating a job and apply to the selected device(s) to perform this function remotely.
  • Removing the devices from the “Starred” list can be done. Follow these simple steps:
    • Go to “Starred” from the Dashboard.
    • Select the device(s).
    • Click “Remove from starred”.
  • The version information of the Manager app is available on the top of the Dashboard homepage.
  • Send a media file to the selected device by just double-clicking the file while scheduling the job.
Manager for IT admins
The Restart Job in Manager

Some Other Updates

  • Under the Download tab in, a user can now download Whiteboard for iOS.
  • A notification will pop up on Companion to remind a Standard user to upgrade the myViewBoard subscription when trying to use “Share the Whiteboard session as a PDF file with a QR code” and “Wireless Presentation”.
  • Users can now choose “Recent”  on the Originals homepage as a default content filter.
  • The recovery mechanism / backup mode of .olf files is removed entirely under Settings in both Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android.

Wait for More!

When we request you to WAIT, we literally put all our efforts to make your wait worthwhile. With that in mind, we are going to make some important announcements soon.

Nonetheless, we really want to thank you all for your contributions in making myViewBoard successful. And we will do our best to add some exciting goodies to your new-year basket.

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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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