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Missed us? We’re sorry to have left you out there alone waiting for the latest myViewBoard What’s New post.

Fret not! We’re back, and we’ve got all the latest updates on improvements and new features. Let’s jump into it.

Big News: Whiteboard for iOS Is Here!

For all of our Apple users, the time has finally arrived – Whiteboard for iOS is on the App Store ready for you to download. Here’s what you need to know.

Download it for iPad (iOS 9 or above) or Mac (ARM-based M1 chip devices required) and get going with your lesson preparation and delivery. If you’ve used any of our Whiteboards, you’ll be right at home. But we’ve definitely tweaked some of the functionality. Here’s the rundown:

  • Advanced Pop Quiz features:
Whiteboard for iOS pop quiz features
Advanced Pop Quiz features allow for seamless Q&A interaction.
  • Advanced sticky note: Now resizable!
  • Clear lessons: Reset a lesson to its original saved state by clicking the button at the center of the top toolbar.
  • And more! Check out the release notes on startup.

If you’ve been using Whiteboard for iOS since its release at the end of April, we’ve also made improvements since then:

  • Importing Google slides onto the canvas is now supported.
  • Session QR codes are available and can be also dragged onto the canvas.

As you start making the most of your new Whiteboard, feel free to share your feedback here! You can also access this form within Whiteboard for iOS on the top toolbar to the left of the notification bell.

Whiteboard Basic (iOS) Users Take Note

This version of our Whiteboard will no longer be supported starting in July, so make sure to download Whiteboard for iOS in its place!


There’s lots to catch up on regarding Classroom, so let’s get into it.

New Tools

One thing you may have already noticed is our Magic Box contains various tools with the “TRIAL” tag over them. These are currently free of charge tools for anyone with an Entity account! Try them out, make the most of them, let us know if anything’s off, and, most importantly, have fun with them!

One such trial feature is the Assessment tool. The setup process is illustrated below, but the takeaway is you can create simple and straightforward assessments in your lessons right within Classroom. Create questions, assign points, and shuffle answers. You can even use our spreadsheet template (.xlsx) to easily upload your assessment quickly and efficiently.

assessment example
Example of assessment creation.
assessment in classroom
Example of assessment in progress.

Next up is the new Scoreboard feature. Find it on the manage pages toolbar and make use of your new score-keeping tool. Reward points to either students or huddles, and keep track of who is in the lead. Students will see their scores update real-time, so this is a great way to keep classes fun and engaging.

scoreboard example with students and huddles
Reward points to both students and huddles.
scoreboard from student view
Scoreboard from student view.

Originals Support

Originals is now fully supported for Classroom.

  • Open your saved Original .olf file or browse through the collection of Originals via file management. You can also access Originals you’ve recently used or ones you’ve favorited here.
  • From the Magic Box, you can access Originals backgrounds and even the Originals collection of online games!
Online Games available in Classroom within the Magic Box
  • From the backgrounds menu on the main toolbar, select from your recently used or favorited Originals backgrounds.

More Classroom Updates

Still with us? Great, let’s break down the last points with some quick hits:

  • Classroom now supports up to 60 students/huddles in a session.
  • iPad users can now enter full screen without issue.
  • Crop images and move the frame around to make centering your crop more convenient.


On the Manager front, we’ve introduced some file transfer enhancements. Now, IT admins can transfer videos and images to a device’s local storage. (Check out this article if you need a refresher on transferring files.)

Additionally, you can also queue up file transfers to offline devices – the file will be sent to devices when they come online, easy as that!

Jobs scheduling now features the ability to create recurring jobs with a specified start and end date.

Finally, all Manager users will now have access to the API Integration tool. With it, you can connect your existing web services to Manager and accomplish actions such as pushing broadcasts to your ViewBoards.

Other Improvements and Updates

We’re almost at the end. A few more points to go!

  • You may have noticed a change after logging into – it now features a quick start guide. Just choose the appropriate role, and we’ll give you a quick intro to the apps you need to know.
  • Experience improved search results on the Originals website.
  • On Whiteboard for Android, you can now conveniently access entire Originals lessons through the embedded browser. Just open up the Originals website, open your desired Originals lesson page, and you’ll see a special Android launcher button there.
  • Finally, the Companion app now supports the Finnish and Ukrainian languages. Hei and привіт respectively!

Coming Soon

Phew. If you’ve made it this far, we certainly appreciate your time.

As this is just the beginning for the official Whiteboard for iOS app, you bet we’re working hard to continue improving it. Keep an eye on this space for the latest updates on this and more!

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