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Have you noticed the big changes in Classroom? All we’re doing is to make your teaching easier.  And we have more fantastic updates coming. Check What’s New March to get yourself geared up for the long semester!


Big Announcement

Classroom and Whiteboard Online have a new appearance now!

The new look of Classroom canvas.

We redesigned the layout of Page Overview/Huddle Overview. And here are the 2 major differences:

  1. Some commonly used features are combined into the main toolbar. Now, teachers can easily access functions in 1 toolbar.
  2. Teachers can switch between Page Overiew and Huddle Overview in a single entry.
Quickly switch between Page Overview/Huddle Overview

Visit and sign in to enjoy a smoother teaching experience in Classroom.

Other new features

In Page and Huddle Overview, we add some functions to

  • In Page/Huddle Overview, teacher can select multiple pages and:
  1. Delete them.
  2. Send these pages to different huddles.
  3. Export selected pages to a .pdf file.

Besides, teachers can “select all pages” with a single click.


In Huddle overview, teachers will notice the changes:

  1. When teachers switch to huddle overview, teachers’ canvas will appear as an index on the left side of the huddle overview
  2. Teachers can share a selected huddle’s page with other huddles.
  3. With a single click, teachers would be able to select all huddles.
  4. Quick access to a huddle current overview during Huddle discussion.

Improvements and bugs fixed

  1. An indication is added when the teacher set “No time limits” for huddle discussion. 
  2. Many other bug fixes and tweaks!



  • In Manager Advanced, you can schedule startup and shutdown.
  1. Click All Devices > Switch to Advanced Features
  2. Select a device and you’ll see Schedule Startup & Shutdown on the right panel.
  3. Click + and start to the schedule.


Automatically power off
  • Now users can schedule 3 different modes to startup and shutdown the IFP. This feature is only available in Manager Advanced.
    Note that the following IFP models do not support the feature: IFP-4320 and 2410.


All versions of Whiteboard have entered maintenance mode. Therefore, we don’t have significant updates in March. Don’t go away, stay tuned for more useful and interesting features!

Whiteboard for Windows

New Features

  • The user is able to store all shortcuts to the server when the user signs out. Also, all shortcuts are able to be loaded from the server after the user signs in.

Improvements and bugs fixed

  • In Prepare Mode, when a user moves or resizes a selected object, the alignment assistant will show up.
    Note that this feature is not available in Present Mode.

Other Improvement and Updates

  • Companion supports the Finnish language.
  • Display: Fixed inconsistent client-side status and enhance connection stability.
  • Set default verification method as MX in Domain Management.
  • Whiteboard for Android: Teachers can drag and drop Originals Content from embedded browser onto the canvas directly.
  • Originals: Before, you had to download myViewBoard Originals content before applying it to your canvas. Now, we provide quicker access: open embedded browser, drag and drop to use our creative content.


  1. All of these new features and enhancements are great. I think though, that the alignment assistant should have a toggle to make it optional. Most of my presentations are in prepare mode because I have access to all tools. Under certain circumstances, the alignment assistant guide lines may look too much on the screen while presenting.

    Having them optional would be very good.

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