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This November, we’re bringing in new treats to add to your bag of myViewBoard tricks.

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Enhancements to Interactive Features

We’ve added a couple of improvements to some of myViewBoard’s interactive features:

New in Poll/Quiz:
  • We’ve made it easier to evaluate voting results at a glance. Starting from this release, the “Poll/Quiz” voting results page sorts the results in descending order. By default, the option with the most votes automatically appears first.
  • Another “Poll/Quiz” enhancement: you can now reset questions. This allows questions already answered to be reused multiple times.
  • When exporting responses, the .CSV file now includes the total time (in seconds) spent by each attendee to answer a question.


New in Cast, Pop Quiz and Throw:
  • Good news for remote learners. The “Cast Out” feature now captures and sends system audio as well.
  • Users can display the myViewBoard portal QR code directly from the “Pop Quiz” window by clicking a button. Users no longer need to close the “Pop Quiz” window to share the portal’s URL.
  • There’s now a reset button on the Throw window. Clicking/tapping the reset button starts a new Throw session.
  • We’ve also added support for throwing (sharing) a web page URL to an active Whiteboard for Windows or Whiteboard for Android session.
    • When sharing from a desktop, verify that the object to be shared ends with a .URL extension. To create this file, we recommend using Google Chrome. Open the website in Chrome, then drag the site’s favicon (or the ‘lock’ icon for secure websites) to a local folder. Chrome will automatically create a .URL file for the website. Afterwards, send the .URL file to the target session via the host’s myViewBoard portal.
    • When sharing from a smartphone, we recommend using the mobile version of Chrome. Open the website in Chrome, then use browser’s share feature to send the link to the Companion app. Use the Companion app to send the link to the target session.


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More Improvements

We’ve also updated a few things on the back end to make your myViewBoard experience better:

  • Enhanced file compatibility for .SVG files.
  • The Zoom Windows client will now remain open and active even after the host signs out.
  • Added Spanish as a language option for the “Live Caption” feature.
  • Time strings for both the Windows and Android apps now follow the 24-hour clock format. Both apps will also adjust the date string formats shown depending on the language selected:
    Format Language
    yyyy/mm/dd Arabic
    dd-MM-yyyy Danish, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish
    MM-dd-yyyy All other languages
  • For Android: New option to import individual pages from a .PDF file. Users can select up to 15 pages on the import screen, which shows a preview of each PDF page. Moreover, if the system is low on memory, the app shows an error message and aborts the action.


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Visit the Wiki for more details

For more information about these features, visit the myViewBoard wiki. We try our best to keep the information up-to-date. We also add brand new myViewBoard Original Content and myViewBoard Original Content Backgrounds every week.

You can visit the wiki at the following URL:

That’s all for now. Stay safe, everyone!

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