myViewBoard for Distance Learning

myViewboard Distance Learning

Beyond the Classroom

Connecting teachers and students wherever they are.

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What is distance learning?

Distance learning is any form of education where the students or teacher are not physically present.

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Challenges faced

  • Large learning curve
  • Many distractions
  • In-flexible location
  • Lost engagement and attention
  • Low attendance
  • Lack of technology integration

As physical classrooms go digital, the Internet is blurring the lines between remote and in-person learning.

How can we help?

Delivering student success with digital lessons and online learning

Live Teacher-student

Video Sharing

  • See facial expressions
  • Tune into body language
  • Visualize ideas on the whiteboard
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Learning Features

Integrate Lessons

  • LMS integration
  • Shared whiteboarding
  • Instant huddle groups
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Instant Saving
and Sharing

Screen Sharing

  • Deliver lessons slides
  • Live annotations
  • Cloud capture and distribution
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Learn how to use myViewBoard
for distance learning

Step-by-step guide on how to use multiple features to achieve distance learning.

  1. Download and Log in to myViewBoard
  2. Launch an integrated screen-sharing application.
  3. Invite students to participate.
  4. Conduct a virtual class.
  5. Save and share recordings and notes.

Recommended Setup:

Use touch screens and software to conduct lessons from anywhere.


ViewSonic TD2455 Touch Display
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ViewBoard IFP8650 4K Ultra HD Interactive Whiteboard
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Windows 10 and above device
Chrome Browser
New Edge Browser

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