Group Collaboration

With myViewBoard™ rich content creation tools on a multi-touch display, teachers are able to turn lectures into group interaction sessions in an instant! Whether dragging Google Images, YouTube videos, and browsers onto the board or using any of the handy writing and drawing tools, multiple users can join in on team-based activities for increased student engagement.

myViewBoard™, Open Platform

  • Works on interactive flat panels such as ViewSonic ViewBoard®
  • Interacts with the Chrome browser on mobile devices
  • Comes with embedded Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, and Box cloud storage
  • Displays a variety of document, audio, video, and image file formats
  • Supports windows-based accessories such as webcams, electronic microscopes, etc.

Google Classroom Integration 

Google Classroom streamlines the process of sharing files between teachers and students. The dynamic myViewBoard platform combines the best of Google Education and ViewSonic’s digital whiteboard solution capabilities. With myViewBoard Classroom, teachers can easily access their online whiteboards, tools, assignments, courses, and documents in one place.


  • Manage and use all the tools available in Google Classroom right inside myViewBoard Classroom
  • Real-time sync with Google Classroom in announcement board, assignments, and student management