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May 2023

Discover the latest updates to myViewBoard Manager, Whiteboard and myviewboard.com in May 2023!

Summer's upon us, and the myViewBoard team is here to bring you another monthly update! Read on to learn the latest features and changes to Manager, Whiteboard, myviewboard.com, and more.

Manager broadcast updates and more

This month, we primarily have Manager Advanced updates to share. Namely, we're happy to provide Advanced users with more broadcasting options!

First up, for web page broadcasting, you will now see the option to automatically refresh the web page during a broadcast. Some web pages may update content while the page is open, so we're providing this option to ensure your broadcast continues to present the latest information to your intended viewers.

Find this option when preparing a broadcast after selecting the web page option. When enabling this feature, set a time interval after which the web page will automatically refresh. The web page will continue to refresh at this time interval so long as the broadcast continues.

User has input a web page URL and set the refresh interval to ON with the minute selection menu open.

Next, we've added three new broadcast layouts! We're happy to offer even more broadcasting options to suit your campus communication needs.

Three new broadcast layouts highlighted.

Finally, here are some quick Manager updates:

  • Reports > export (Advanced users): View more device usage information in the exported XLSX file.
    • New fields: serial number, firmware version, operating system, notes, group name, date of enrollment, Manager version, and Wi-Fi SSID.
  • New language support (all Manager users): Catalan is now supported in the console! Hola!

Whiteboard enhancements

Let's get into the latest feature improvements for the different Whiteboard versions!


This month, the Windows version of Whiteboard comes with a few improvements.

First, when applying backgrounds, the option to apply the background as an editable image is now available.

Change Background prompt with the option to apply the background as an editable image available. User should check the box to enable this option.

After applying your desired background as an editable image, note that images will initially apply as locked.

Additionally, here are the rest of the Windows version of Whiteboard updates:

  • Dropbox: When a large number (e.g., hundreds) of files exist in a Dropbox folder, multi-page view is now supported in the file manager.
  • Undo/redo: We have also added support for undo/redo across several objects. (Review the May release notes for the full breakdown.)
  • Sticky Notes (in the Adorning Menu): The spin feature has been removed as an option for sticky notes.

Android and iOS



Please be aware, the release for the Android and iOS versions of Whiteboard is postponed. Check this page at a later date for confirmation of the latest update of the Android and iOS versions of Whiteboard.

For the Android and iOS versions of Whiteboard, look for the following enhancements:

Pasted screenshot from the Embedded Browser. Button to open web page where screenshot was taken is highlighted.
Open screenshot web page in the Embedded Browser.
  • Grouped objects > Hyperlink: Added the option to embed a hyperlink into grouped objects from the adorning menu.
  • Saving a session improvement: Experience performance enhancements when saving a session with a larger file size.
  • Sticky Notes (in the Adorning Menu): The spin feature has been removed as an option for sticky notes.

The rest of the myViewBoard updates

Let's get into the rest of the updates across our apps and services!

  • myviewboard.com
    • There has been an update to the myViewBoard Privacy Policy and EULA. Please review these statements for the latest information.
    • MSP Portal: A status banner will now appear when an MSP is in Pending status.
  • ViewSonic Originals
    • Backgrounds: The previously named “Free” tier is now “Open Access”.
  • Insights
    • The ViewSonic Originals dashboard has been updated.
  • Companion
    • Settings: A link has been added to the ViewSonic Educator Community in the settings menu.

Until next month! 😎🌴

With summer break is around the corner, good luck getting to the end of the school year! As always, we're working on numerous improvements and more. Stay tuned until next month!

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