This August, we continue to add usability enhancements to myViewBoard so it’s easier to use.

  • Users now have the option to display the myViewBoard UI in four new languages: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

  • When using myViewBoard with a keyboard, arrow keys can be used to ‘nudge’ selected objects to the perfect position. Additionally, pressing the left or right arrow key no longer flips pages.

We’ve also enhanced the following existing features:


If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve also been working on sample vboard files which you can use in your lessons:

Fractions and Circles
Use the pie slices at the top to complete the circles below in three different ways.

Tangram Activity
A learning tool for building STEM skills. Tangrams can teach students about spatial relationships, learn geometric terms, and develop stronger problem-solving abilities. They might even help students perform better on tests of basic arithmetic.

Towers of Hanoi
The Towers of Hanoi is a classic mathematical game also frequently applied in the psychology of problem-solving and skill learning.

Play Bingo!
This myViewBoard Spinner game is based on the bingo concept. Game play is based on multiplication and division facts. The player who completes a bingo pattern (a full row, column, or diagonal pattern of numbers across the board) first wins.

To download, head over to the myViewBoard Wiki.


To see what has been improved in past releases, check out the previous ‘What’s New’ posts here:

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