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Like every month, are you eagerly waiting for “What’s New” we have for you in October in our myViewBoard ecosystem? Well, your overwhelming responses and feedbacks really help us make significant developments in our myViewBoard suite of apps. And, we applaud all the efforts you have made to constantly help us serving you better. Having said that, your wait for the latest updates is finally over!

This month, we are excited to launch the Originals website and introduce Ladder Shuffle, a new feature of Classroom. Available in Magic Box, Ladder Shuffle instills learning into students by means of gamification and hence offers a remarkable way to engage students in classroom activities.

Online Knowledge Base
Play and Learn

Attention Please!! The Complimentary Premium automatic upgrade for one year has ended on September 30th, 2021.  However, we are still offering a 90-day free trial of Premium services if you sign up for a myViewBoard account.

Stay tuned to check out what interesting advances are around the corner. And, make your teaching sessions more fruitful with our newest beneficial features. No doubt, joyful learning is the cherry on top!


It is giving us immense pleasure to bring you our state-of-the-art tool, Ladder Shuffle – that will turn all your boring learning sessions into the enthralling ones.

Ladder Shuffle is a unique technique to make all students participate in an academic session and develop accountability in them. It’s a fun way to enhance engagement in each and every learner. Simply put, choose the students or huddles randomly, play the game, and assign the tasks.

It is worthwhile to note that Ladder Shuffle can be played in the Present mode. Let’s have a quick look at the three magical steps to create a difference in your teaching ways:

  • Locate Ladder Shuffle in the Magic Box tool.
  • Prepare the setup – choosing huddles or students, and lines.
  • Click and Ladder start point.svg to activate the game when you are ready.
Stairs and Ladders
How the Ladder Shuffle Feature Works!

Another significant development in Classroom is linked to the “Save” option in File Management. To elaborate, when a user opens the saved .qb file from the specific cloud drive and saves it again with the most recent changes, the latest version of the file overwrites the previous one.

Other Improvements in Classroom

  • When the teacher joins a huddle discussion, the teacher’s camera and microphone setting remains active.
  • Now, you can save the underlined text and the struck-through text to a .pdf file.
  • Use the enhanced version of Magic Box for an easier access to the cloud accounts. Additionally, experience the better layout of the Widget tool.

Whiteboard for Windows

Compatible with Windows 10 and Above Only!

Get unparalleled experience of Whiteboard for Windows, available for use only with Windows 10 and above. The users who try to install myViewBoard Whiteboard on versions below Windows 10, will see the following message on their devices:
“myViewBoard Whiteboard cannot be installed on the following Windows versions: Windows Vista ×86, Windows Server 2008 ×86, Windows 7 ×86, Windows 8 ×86, Windows 8.1 ×86”

Additional Developments

Check out the minor changes that we have done to make our Whiteboard more effective and efficient:

  • Use the short-cut key Ctrl + Q to randomly pick a color for Pen and Shape.
  • Now, you can enable or disable the Auto-Save feature on Whiteboard for Windows.
  • The Magic Box Camera icon Magic Box - myViewBoard remains visible even if the camera is not detected in your device.


Good News – Originals Has Got a New Home!

In order to provide you with our best products and services, we always try to focus on improving our services. Hence, you need not look around anymore and think “Where can I find myViewBoard Originals?” Yes, the myViewBoard Originals website has officially been launched to make your teaching journey smoother than ever.

Please find out our digital whiteboading lesson materials, backgrounds, images, and online games here:

Note: No sign-in is required to preview but to download the content!

Videos and Backgrounds
New Home of Originals


Interactive and Creative Lesson Plans

Enjoy creating your own lesson plans with the help of our new feature My Lesson Plan under Clips. You can use our vast range of video clips, categorized into different subjects. In addition, you also have a choice to import files from your Google Drive to prepare and enrich your lesson plans.

My Lesson Plan in Clips


Exporting the Device list to an Excel file is now POSSIBLE!

Also, IT admins can now view RS232 commands-related action logs in Manager.

A Few Other Updates on myViewBoard Apps

  • allows you to bind your Nextcloud Files on the Cloud Integration page under FollowMe Settings.
  • We have updated the Firewall whitelist in Entity Management. Entities need to whitelist these IP addresses to use the screen-sharing feature. Also, the Entity Owner can delegate his or her role to another user as the new Entity Owner. Consequently, the original owner will become an IT admin.
  • The Premium plan is available for subscription for individual users. So, don’t wait and subscribe today!

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