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A digital classroom for online learning and class management


A digital classroom for online learning and class management

Classroom release history

This page contains the release history for the Windows version of myViewBoard Classroom.

v3.30 August 2023

  • New font support: TTKB Dik Temel Abece (for the Turkish language).
  • UI tweak: Fixed tab favicon; it will now display normally.

v3.29 July 2023

  • Alert message appears when an import from Google Drive exceeds API's file size limitation.

v3.28 June 2023

  • PPTX and Google Slides import support:
    • Additional support for background styles added: Two-color gradient fill and color transparency backgrounds will now import successfully.

v3.27 April 2023

  • ViewSonic Originals content tiers: New tiered Originals content is accessible from Originals menus.
    • Originals content is accessible by opening the Magic Box and then pressing the ViewSonic Originals button.
    • Alternatively, by opening Originals content through the backgrounds menu, the Originals background categories will accessible.
    • Tiers are identifiable by the icon displayed over content thumbnails on the Originals website.
    • Tiers break down by the following categories: Free (no sign-in required), Standard (sign-in required), Pro, Premium and Entity.

v3.26 March 2023

  • PPT import support: Import performance improvement — 2–3 times speed of importing files.

v3.25 February 2023

  • PPT import:
    • Import PPT files into Classroom.
    • Unsupported objects will appear as broken icons.

v3.24 January 2023

  1. Dashboard UI update:
    • The dashboard is now integrated into the canvas page as a pull-out panel.
    • No second tab/window will appear for the dashboard anymore.
  2. Video and audio sharing support has been removed.

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