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System firmware update via OTA

By default, your ViewBoard automatically searches for system firmware updates whenever connected to the internet. Additionally, you have the option to complete a manual OTA update to the latest detected ViewBoard firmware version.

System Update options

System Update setting options.



Auto update Auto update toggle When enabled, allow your ViewBoard to check for new firmware updates while your display is off. If a new version is found, the system will automatically update. After the update is complete, the system will turn off.
Schedule Set a specified update time instead of allowing your device to update any time a new update is found.
Manual update Check update Check for any available updates at any time by pressing CHECK NOW.
Local update Update your device using a file from an external USB device. Locate the file by pressing BROWSE.

OTA update

  1. From your device's home screen, open Settings.
  2. Go to the System Update menu.
  3. OTA options:
    1. Enable Auto Update: With this option enabled, any time you turn on your device, it will automatically check for the latest firmware and update.
    2. Manual update > Check update: This will trigger an instant check for the latest firmware, and if available, you'll be prompted to update.


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