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A digital classroom for online learning and class management


A digital classroom for online learning and class management

Join a Classroom session

After beginning a Classroom session, ensure students can join your session.

Using a session ID 

  1. The teacher should display the session information as outlined in the invite students article.
  2. Three options are available for students to join a session:
    1. Input the shared URL.
    2. Scan the displayed QR code.
    3. Go to and input the session ID.
  3. The students should input their name before entering.
  4. Enter a session password if required.
  5. A student canvas should load.

Example of session info with labeled info: a) QR code which opens student portal, b) session ID to be input in student portal, c) URL which opens student portal.

Student portal ( with required fields highlighted.

Student canvas view after successfully joining a session.



When joining a Classroom session by scanning a QR code with a device such as an iPad, teachers should inform students of the following:

  • Use the native camera app to scan the QR code.
  • In iOS Settings > Safari, ensure Request Desktop Website is deactivated.

Not following the above points will lead to errors. If Classroom is launched as a desktop website in Safari, students will not be able to join a Classroom session.

Join via Google Classroom

To join via Google Classroom, teachers must first trigger a post to Google Classroom from myViewBoard Classroom.

  1. Go to your Google Classroom space.
  2. Locate your teacher's invitation post.
  3. Open the link, and then enter your name (and session password if required).
  4. A student canvas should load.

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