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All the setup tools and info to run your entity

Entity Management

All the setup tools and info to run your entity

myViewBoard Whiteboard deployment

This article outlines the options users have when planning deployment of myViewBoard Whiteboard to remote devices.

myViewBoard Whiteboard MSI installation (Windows)

Within the Entity Management console, find a downloadable myViewBoard Windows MSI file at the bottom of the left-side navigation menu. Press the Download 64 bit link to download the file. Press Installation Instructions to review the information outlined on this page while in the console.

Find a link to download the myViewBoard Windows MSI by pressing Download 64 bit.

Command prompt to install myViewBoard Windows

As outlined in the Software Instances page, the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard does not support enrollment within the application. The only way to enroll an instance is via Command Prompt installation of myViewBoard Whiteboard.

IT admin can use Command Prompt (as administrator). If you do not know how to run Command Prompt as an administrator, please view this website.

Review the following script details before installing.

Command prompt script and parameters

Execute the following to install to a device:


Argument Description Required? Note
MSI_PATH E.g., C:\myViewBoard64_
Yes Provide the folder path and the full file name.
Enter a nickname for this instance. No If no argument is set, a name will be auto assigned based on your OS device name.
PURPOSE Education or Business No This applies the theme for Whiteboard. If not set, the default is Education (corresponding to the light theme). Can be changed by users after installation.
ORGANIZATION Enter organization (entity) name. Yes If the organization is registered, the installer will automatically fill in the email address of the entity administrator, which cannot be modified. The instance will be linked to the myViewBoard entity and appear in the Entity Management console.
DOT_NET Indicates whether to install .NET framework. No Supported in v2.36.4.0 and above. Set DOT_NET = FALSE if these components are already installed on a device. If no argument is set in such a case, installation errors may occur.
VC_RUNTIME Indicates whether to install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages. No Supported in v2.36.4.0 and above.

The following is an outline of command prompt msiexec options:

  • /qn - Specifies silent mode installation (no UI during installation).
  • /i - Specifies normal installation, requiring a user to input settings manually.
  • For further parameters, see the msiexec guide.

If you are uncertain how to execute MSI installation via Command Prompt, there is no other option for enrolling Whiteboard for Windows.



Mass deployment methods are not within the scope of these instructions.

However, installation is possible via mass deployment or as a background process by, for example, using Microsoft Group Policy, SCCM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and third-party deployment software methods.



IT admin should make sure to use the myViewBoard Whiteboard MSI file downloadable from the Entity Management console for mass deployment and remote installation. This file is optimized for mass deployment.

The myViewBoard Whiteboard EXE file is available on the myViewBoard Downloads page, but this installation file is optimized for installing Whiteboard onto an individual device.

For more details about why you would want to use an MSI or EXE file, learn more in the comparison article.

Deployment to Android devices

For ViewBoards, Whiteboard comes pre-installed and no extra deployment steps are necessary.

However, to automatically enroll instances to your entity, adding desired devices to Manager is required. Learn more about methods available to enroll installed instances on Android devices.

Deployment to Apple devices

For organizations with Apple devices, mobile device management (MDM) solutions are standard for managing apps on devices. Through the MDM, manage which devices in your organization have myViewBoard Whiteboard installed.

For instructions on enrolling your myViewBoard Whiteboard, see the Software Instances page.

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