Entity Management

All the setup tools and info to run your entity

Entity Management

All the setup tools and info to run your entity

Request an entity account

Organizations that would like to create a myViewBoard Entity account can do so by request. Visit our Contact page to begin the signup process.

To learn if your organization's educational goals can be enhanced by a myViewBoard Entity account, learn about the benefits an entity account.

Requesting an entity account

Follow these steps to notify ViewSonic you and your organization would like to sign up for an entity account:

  1. Go to myViewBoard's Contact page.
    1. Under I'd like to..., select Sign up as Entity (for schools and organizations). (Non-educational businesses can also sign up.)
    2. Fill out the remaining contact details so a ViewSonic representative can reply to you.
    3. (Optional) Make sure to share any special requests or concerns in the Message section.
  2. After submitting the form, you will receive an automated email confirming your request has been received.
  3. Expect a reply from a ViewSonic representative (located near your region) within 72 hours to confirm application details and further assess how myViewBoard can help your organization.

Entity Request Form

Once your regional representative moves you to the next step, they will share an Entity Request Form. You will receive an email containing a link to the form.

The form requires you to choose which users will be the entity owner and entity admin (including contact information). (Learn more about entity roles.)

In addition, you will have to select the appropriate entity type, which is dictated by the domain your entity is using. (Learn more about entity types.)

Once the form has been submitted, a representative will review the request. After approval, you will be contacted by your regional representative to assist in the onboarding process.



In the email containing the link to the form, you will see a form expiration date. Make sure to complete the form before that time.

In case the form link has already expired, contact your representative to request another form.

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