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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Add devices into Manager with Companion

myViewBoard Manager is a tool for entity admins to remotely manage multiple installations of ViewSonic devices.

Once Viewsonic devices are set up and have the myViewBoard Manager app installed, they can be added to an entity and managed remotely from the Manager web app (available to Entity Admins after signing into

To add devices and remotely manage them, use the Companion App to register the device under your entity. Just scan the QR code. No need to fill out a form or input sign-in details. 

On the device to manage

Launch myViewBoard Manager app on your ViewSonic ViewBoard to display a unique QR code.

On the Companion App

  1. Launch the Companion app, and ensure you are logged in with an Entity Admin account.
  2. Tap the QR-reader function CompanionQRCode.svg and scan the QR code displayed in the device.
  3. Input device information as needed.
  4. Click Submit to add the device to Manager.
  5. This device should now appear in your device list within the Manager console.

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