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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Sign in to and manage Whiteboard with Companion

Interact with Whiteboard using your device by turning your smartphone into a learning assistant to make teaching simple. The following features are available for teachers signed in as Host/IT Admin accounts only.

Manage Whiteboard from around the room

Access Whiteboard

QR code

Use the Companion App to sign into Whiteboard with the QR code scanner:

  1. Launch the Companion App.
  2. Sign into Companion, if not already.
  3. Click  to scan the QR code displayed on the Whiteboard for Windows, Android, or iOS screen.

Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code in the bottom right of the Whiteboard.



Accessing Whiteboard with the Companion App QR code function is quick and secure. You do not need to type out an email or password.



If you can't find the QR code on Whiteboard, click the icon in the bottom-right of the screen to display sign-in options.

Delete SIGN-IN

QR code sign-in is also available when signing in to


Remote Control

You must sign into Whiteboard with the same myViewBoard account as you do to sign into Companion App to use the remote control.

Laser Pointer

Advanced features

Default management options:

1666597689160-CAnew-Icons-Folder.jpgURL Display Whiteboard session URL and QR code for Throw, Pop Quiz, and Polls interaction.
1666597570580-1666597570580.pngQR code Save the Whiteboard session to your linked cloud storage and generate a QR code that students can use to download the session file.
1666597615494-1666597615494.pngLaser Pointer Turn your phone into a laser pointer and point it at the canvas of the device running Whiteboard.
1666683076777-CAnew-Icons-Eraser.jpgPrevious Go to the previous page if the file has multiple pages.
1666683076781-CAnew-Icons-Pen.jpgNext Go to the next page if the file has multiple pages.

Toggle Laser pointer to the ON position at the top of the page to use the following:

1666597689160-CAnew-Icons-Folder.jpgLaser Stroke Touch and hold to draw with a highlighter on the Whiteboard canvas.
1666597570580-1666597570580.pngCenter Re-center the laser.
1666597615494-1666597615494.pngRemove strokes Delete all marks from the laser pointer.

Wireless Presentation

On this screen, a host can remotely manage the Whiteboard Wireless Presentations:

Enable Wireless Presentation.Grant access to users on the list. 



Wireless Presentation is accessible to users with a Premium or Entity account.

Teacher-student interaction

Enable Turn on the wireless presentation feature for the host's signed in account.
After this is turned on, participants can send, cast, or share their screen to the current host Whiteboard session.
Moderation Display a list of participants requesting access to share their screen to the current Whiteboard session.
Click on a participant's entry to grant access.

The two buttons under Frame Resize can be used when displaying a participant's screen:

1666597689160-CAnew-Icons-Folder.jpgShrink Reduce the size of the presentation screen.
1666597570580-1666597570580.pngEnlarge Enlarge the size of the presentation screen. 

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