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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Companion app release history

v2.47 September 2023


  • Enrolling Whiteboard instance modification: Periods (.) are now accepted in the Whiteboard name field.

v2.45 May 2023


  • Settings: A link to the ViewSonic Educator Community has been added in the settings menu.
  • Settings > FollowMe: When opening FollowMe settings, an external link will open on your device's default mobile browser.

v2.37 August 29, 2022

New Feature

  • Software activation is no longer required on Whiteboard. However, IT Admin can still enroll Whiteboard software instances with their Companion app via a QR code. The enrollment form can be found within the Whiteboard settings software information tab. (QR code is only available to entity users on Whiteboard for iOS and Whiteboard for Android for this release.)

v2.36 July 2022


  • The Companion app logo has been updated.

v2.35 May 2022

New Feature

  • Finnish and Ukrainian languages are now supported.

January 2022


  • User profile and FollowMe pages open on the system browser.
  • Whiteboard Control and Wireless Presentation has been removed for participants.

Releases 2021

  • Brand-new sign-in process and pages are here! Now you can select your user role: Teacher, Student, or Guest when the app is launched.
  • Added a notification reminder to update the Companion App to the latest version and sign in again.
  • New user feedback survey for myViewBoard Companion is available in the Info > Submit feedback.
  • The app now supports Thai.
  • Uploading process for Throw and Pop Quiz functionalities improved.
  • Support Indonesian
  • Update UI and error msg for new "Throw" rule.
  • Support “Audience count and Engagement level” functionalities for Sens.
  • User can scan IFP's barcode with QR code scanner to register device manager.
  • Implement A/B experiment for new Sign-in process. (After signing out, users can see different sign in page on landing page)
  • Fixed drawing issues.
  • Fixed language issues.
  • Rename "Poll/Quiz" to "Polls".
  • Add vibration setting for myViewBoard Sens.
  • Update a protocol of Sens which allows to fetch user’s email.
  • Companion App supports for Portuguese.
  • Adjust wording of emotions for myViewBoard Sens.
  • Now supports "myViewBoard Sens".
  • Can now view result of "Random Draw" .
  • Change the display name from myViewBoard name to user's full name in Poll/Quiz  .
  • Remove an unnecessary "(?)" from guest names.
  • Show "sign up" dialog if a Google , Microsoft  or Apple account is not registered with myViewBoard.

Releases Q3/Q4 2020

  • Now supports Session Password. If a host enables 'Session Password', guests have to enter the password before using Throw/Pop Quiz/Poll/Quiz.
  • Added a What's New? section in the 'Info' menu.
  • When a user throws any content, the user's full name will now be shown instead of the user's myViewBoard name.
  • User is able to throw a camera image from an Android 11 device.
  • Support throwing (sharing) a web page URL to an active Whiteboard for Windows or Whiteboard for Android session.
  • Support Russian language.
  • Added more functions to the sign in QR code reader on the main page. You can now use the QR Code reader to sign in to myViewBoard Whiteboard, activate myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android, enroll Managed agents, as well as reading standard QR Codes to open with your device's default browser.
  • Increased the size of the Throw/Pop Quiz/Polls & Quiz icons.
  • Support Arabic language.
  • Update Throw/Pop Quiz/Poll/Quiz icons.
  • Update the app icon.
  • Notify user to update if the installed version is too old.
  • Show a countdown timer on the answer page of Poll/Quiz 
  • Added support for Dutch language.
  • Taiwan MOE sign in only available for users in Taiwan
  • Support answering 'Vote' the new type of question of Poll/Quiz 
  • Show error dialog if single sign-on fails
  • Language Support: Turkish.
  • Add text field clear function on Login screen.
  • Display premium features based on User's permission
  • Pop Quiz: When host is offline a confirmation dialog will show "Host is not online".


Releases Q1/Q2 2020

  • ViewBoard Enrollment for admin users
  • Support for Chrome OS
  • Added support for Japanese
  • Users can scan host a QR code to get the host name for Throw and Pop Quiz
  • Poll/Quiz: added text count limit to the Free Response Questions response field.
  • Poll/Quiz function: Student View; students will be able to answer Poll/Quiz questions proposed by host through the mobile app.
  • Laser Stroke: disappearing highlighter function (ViewBoard Controls)
  • Language support: Danish, Italian, and Swedish.
  • "FollowMe AI" text change to FollowMe.
  • Throw: Video files will no longer be compressed.
  • Added language support for French.
  • Disabled "QR code share" and "URL" buttons when Whiteboard for Windows is in desktop mode
  • Notify users if gyroscope sensor is not available on device for Laser Pointer.
  • Throw to myViewBoard supports all available file types.
  • Added a Magic Box Camera function in Throw and Present. Users can launch the camera from Companion App.
  • Added support for .pdf, .pptx, and image files types for Throw and Present.
  • Added support for Hindi language.
  • The Throw feature now checks user permissions of both sender and receiver before throwing.
  • Support for Throw and Present for edited images.
  • Error messages regarding host permission and support types in Throw.
  • Added support for inserting images onto the PopQuiz canvas.
  • Ability to layer images in Pop Quiz by tapping.
  • Added language support for Tamil, Kannada, and Vietnamese.
  • Editing images in Throw is only available when a single image is selected.
  • Show a success or fail dialog for the Throw Recall request.
  • "Unsend" wording updated to "Recall".
  • Added Recall function for Throw. User can unsend/recall files they have thrown to myViewBoard.
  • Updated "Remote Control" function name to "Moderation".
  • Updated "Stream" wording to "Display".
  • Throw now allows users to select up to 10 files.
  • Added file and video upload option for Throw.
  • Added text zoom in/out limitation during image editing.


Other Versions

  • Added feedback when wifi is not available during sign in.
  • Page Combination for ViewBoard control and URL
  • Text in PopQuiz (and Throw) position limitation.
  • Fixed issue where companion app is in logout status after editing account. on, but myViewBoard for Windows is logged in.
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling position of photo browser.
  • Added support for text input on the PopQuiz canvas.
  • Remotely initiate QR code sharing.
  • Remotely opening and closing the host info panel.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Improved the smoothness of laser pointer control.
  • Added phone vibration when a QR code is scanned.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added ability to "Throw" images and videos shared by other apps on iOS.
  • Fixed critical issue related to iOS keyboard lag.


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