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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Whiteboard enrollment with Companion

Enroll instances of Whiteboard with Whiteboard Enrollment via the Companion App  feature. The following feature is available for IT admin accounts only.

Whiteboard for Android & iOS

End users who install Whiteboard for Android or Whiteboard for iOS manually can enroll that specific software instance of Whiteboard using Companion's QR code reader.

On the device

  1. Launch myViewBoard Whiteboard app.
  2. Click Settings > button to access the software information tab.
  3. Click Enroll Software Instance under Entity.
  4. On the Whiteboard Enrollment Form, click Enroll via QR Code. A QR code will display.

On Companion

  1. Sign in with your Entity Admin account and tap the  to scan the QR code.
  2. You will be prompted to select an entity. Ensure you select the correct one, as well as input a Whiteboard name.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. A prompt should appear on Whiteboard informing you of successful enrollment.
  5. The device will appear in the Software Instances section within Entity Management after signing into

Access the instance enrollment form under settings.
IT Admin have the option to enroll an instance via the Companion app QR code reader.



Please note this enrollment method is currently not available in Whiteboard for Windows. To learn more, read our instance management page.

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