Entity Management

All the setup tools and info to run your entity

Entity Management

All the setup tools and info to run your entity

Entity subscriptions

On the Subscriptions page, review current subscriptions under your entity.

Overview of the Subscriptions page, with the current entity plan and a Manager Advanced, Manager Storage and Other add-on service subscription visible.

  • Current plan: View your plan name and expiration date.
  • Add-on services: View add-on service names, expiration date, and extra information.
    • Currently, Manager Advanced is the primary add-on offered by myViewBoard.
    • For Manager Advanced, view the total number of licenses you have subscribed to.
    • In addition, if your entity has not yet tried Manager Advanced, you will be able to activate a free trial from here.
  • Expired plans: Review past subscriptions that are now expired.


According to your myViewBoard subscription, you have access to additional services such as Manager Storage and ViewSonic Originals. Learn more about the different subscription plans.

Activating a Manager Advanced free trial

For entities who have not previously activated a Manager Advanced free trial, the option to activate a 30-day free trial will be available on this page.

Subscriptions page with Activate button available for a Manager Advanced 30-day free trial.

After pressing the Activate button, you will be able to review the details of the trial.

Example of trial activation of Manager Advanced details.

After activation, enjoy the benefits of Manager Advanced for 30 days!

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