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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Participating in Class with Companion

Quickly interact with Whiteboard sessions using Companion.

As a Host, Participant, and GuestThrow a file or respond to a Pop Quiz or Poll in any ongoing Whiteboard session. Just enter the host's name or select one from the list of hosts you have previously interacted with. 


In order to access the above-mentioned features, a Host/IT Admin must be signed in with a Premium or Entity account.

Participate screen overview

After signing into Companion, you will have access to the Participate screen. Its interface changes according to the role of a user.

Participate screen: 
Host/IT Admin

Participate screen: 

Participate screen: 

  • Hosts & Participants: When signed in, you will see your user profile picture/icon in the top left. Tap this for settings and to sign out of the app.
  • Guests (no account required): You can see your name in the upper-middle part of the screen, along with the QR code icon at the top right. Tap the QR code icon to get the history of all the hosts you have interacted with.

The following features are available on the Participate screen for hosts, participants, and guests:

Throw Throw files such as images to a Whiteboard.
Pop Quiz Respond to a Pop Quiz.
Polls Answer Poll questions.
QR Code Sign into a Whiteboard by scanning a QR code.



Though students have almost the same access to the Participate screen's functionality, teachers signed in as Host/IT Admin will also experience some additional functionality to assist in lesson delivery. Learn tips down below.

How to participate



Throw allows all users share files or photos from your mobile device to a Whiteboard session. 

  1. Tap the Throw icon.
  2. Select Camera or Browse, and then take a picture or select a file.
  3. On the next screen, enter the Host Whiteboard name, or scan the QR code of the Whiteboard.
    • The host name is the name of the Whiteboard session you are throwing files to. This field is automatically filled in with the last host you interacted with.
    • Tap CAnew-Icons-ThrowHistory.jpg to see a list of host names you've previously sent files to.
  4. Tap Throwimg.png to send the file.
  5. If successful, the Whiteboard session host should receive a notification.

Throw History

To view your Throw history and recall files,

  1. Tap your avatar in the top-left.
  2. Tap Throw history. 
  3. Tap the back arrow on the file you want to recall.
    (Recalling files depends upon network connection.)


This feature is only available for Hosts/IT Admin and Participant profiles.



To send a file to your own Whiteboard session, make sure both Companion App and Whiteboard are signed in with the same myViewBoard account. After using Companion to send a file to your session, Companion App will ask you if you want to open this file in your Whiteboard session. If you choose not to, you can always access all thrown files from the notifications menu or from the Magic Box > Throw.

Pop Quiz


With the Companion app, answer pop quiz questions through a mobile device or tablet for the session host to review and display to a class.

Answer a Pop Quiz question with your Companion app.

  1. Tap the Pop Quiz icon.
  2. Use the pen, text, or AI Pen tools to draw or write your answer. Alternatively, select a file from your device by tapping 878ty320ty304ty2-039t234t324t.svg.
  3. Tap Throwimg.png to send your drawing or file to the Whiteboard canvas.
  4. The Whiteboard session will receive a notification, showing your file.

Pop Quiz response features

1666597689160-CAnew-Icons-Folder.jpgFolder Add images from your phone.
Drag the image to the trash can to delete it.
1666597570580-1666597570580.pngMove If enabled, this indicates that any image or text on screen can be moved.
1666597615494-1666597615494.pngText tool Press to add text.
Drag the text to the trash can icon to delete it.
1666683076777-CAnew-Icons-Eraser.jpgEraser Erase strokes. (To delete text or images, drag it to the trash can icon.)
1666683076781-CAnew-Icons-Pen.jpgPen Tap to write an answer by hand.
To change the width, tap the pen icon again.
1666683076769-185884707_948362939279330_92152610935330481_n(1).jpgAI Pen Draw and then select from generated icons based on your drawing.
1666683076773-CAnew-Icons-color.jpgColor Change active pen color.

Pop Quiz UI in the Companion app.



Pop Quiz is a great tool to test student understanding of a lesson. However, make sure to show your students how to send responses first.

In myViewBoard Whiteboard, write a question and then demonstrate using the Companion app how to send a response. When sending a response, highlight the different tools students can use when sending a response.

Polls (Windows-only)

Polls image.png

Polls allows a host to create questions in many formats in myViewBoard Whiteboard (Windows-only). Students can then answer using the Polls feature in Companion App.

  1. Press the Polls icon and then join by either entering the Whiteboard host name or scanning the QR code for the Poll from the Whiteboard session. (Learn more.)
  2. Enter your name and press Join.
  3. When the Poll starts on Whiteboard, poll questions will appear in the Companion App.
  4. Select or input answers (depends on the question type).
  5. Press Throwimg.png to submit an answer.
  6. The response will be logged in the Polls session for the host to review.

Example of a Polls multiple choice question viewed from the Companion app.



For presentations, teachers can ask students to create poll questions to run during or at the end of a presentation. Teachers can then join in responding to these questions using the Companion app. 


Take a look at Companions Participate screen features according to each profile.

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