myViewBoard account

Personalization, subscription and resource info to enhance myViewBoard

myViewBoard account

Personalization, subscription and resource info to enhance myViewBoard

FollowMe settings

Personalize settings that will follow your myViewBoard account across devices and sessions, making it more convenient for users to import and export resources into a myViewBoard Whiteboard session.

Sign in to and find FollowMe settings in the user drop-down menulocated in the title bar, to begin updating these settings.

Access FollowMe

There are two ways to access FollowMe settings:

  1. Go to
  2. Press Sign in in the right side of the title bar.
  3. Input your account details in the sign-in page.
  4. On the home page:
    • Option 1: Press  in the title bar.
    • Option 2:
      1. Open the user drop-down menu in the title bar.
      2. Press FollowMe.

myViewBoard home page after sign-in. FollowMe buttons are highlighted in the title bar (1) and in the user drop-down menu (2).


The default settings view when opening the FollowMe page is Settings. Here you will be able to modify specific settings related to myViewBoard Whiteboard and myViewBoard Classroom sessions.

The following settings are available within this tab:

Theme Change the theme for myViewBoard Whiteboard (Light or Dark).
Leaving this setting as Default will load Whiteboard with the most recent setting applied within the app installed on a given device.
Auto Sign-Out Time Set the time at which Whiteboard will automatically sign you out of your session.
Note for entity users: If your IT has set a sign-out time within Software Instances, that setting will override the time you set within FollowMe settings.
Session Password When this setting is ON, students will be required to enter a passcode to join your myViewBoard Whiteboard and myViewBoard Classroom sessions. Find out more.
Show Time When this setting is ON, the current date and time will display at the top-right of the canvas in myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows, Android, and iOS. This can also be toggled on and off from the background menu.
Show Grid When this setting is ON, a grid will display over the canvas in myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows, Android and iOS.
Always Enable Wireless Presentation When this setting is ON, Wireless Presentation will automatically be enabled on launching myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows, Android and iOS.
Font settings Set the default font size, style, and color of the text tool in myViewBoard Whiteboard.
Pen settings Set the default pen width and color for both the thin and thick pens in myViewBoard Whiteboard. 

After updating any of these settings, press   (located at the bottom of the screen) to save these changes.

A view of the Settings tab within FollowMe.

Set a session password

Set a unique session password to require students to input a password when joining a myViewBoard Whiteboard or myViewBoard Classroom session.

Whether students are joining through myViewBoard Companion app, Whiteboard Portal, or the Classroom student portal, they will have to input this password to successfully join the session.

To set up a Session Password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your FollowMe settings.
  2. Within the Settings tab, toggle Session Password ON.
  3. Press to save this setting.
  4. The next time you share a session from myViewBoard Whiteboard, a password will display on the share session popup window.

View of Settings tab in FollowMe with the Session Password toggle highlighted, followed by the Confirm button.

Example of a session password displayed in the share session pop-up within myViewBoard Whiteboard.

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