Online Whiteboard for Efficient Collaboration


Online Whiteboard for Efficient Collaboration

How to create a board in TeamOne

With a board in TeamOne, start brainstorming, diagramming, and mapping from scratch with easy-to-use building tools.

How to create your first board

After first accessing TeamOne and signing in, you'll be asked a few questions. Once complete and before opening your first board, you'll have the option to select from premade templates or creating an infinite blank board.

First board selection during the initial setup process.

After completing this step, you'll be asked to set a few preferences for your board settings.

A preview of trackpad navigation options.A preview of touch screen navigation options.Grid style preference selection.

Once done, you're now ready to start building on your TeamOne board!

How to create a board from the dashboard

After creating your first board, you can always go to your dashboard to create a new one.

User creates a new board from the dashboard.

How to update your board title

Press the board title at any time to update the board name.

User presses the board title and updates it.

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