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Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard


Utility app to interact and participate with Whiteboard

Signing in to Companion

Companion's sign-in page presents users with multiple options to sign in. At the top-left, users can press the Info.jpg icon for settings-related information and submitting feedback.

How sign-in works

Select your role to sign in and use Companion as any of the following roles:

  • Host/IT Admin
  • Participant
  • Guest


Sign into Companion using the Host/IT Admin role. Advise your students and audience members to sign into Companion using a Participant role or to simply join the session as a Guest.



Hosts and Participants should use their registered individual myViewBoard accounts to access Companion. Whereas IT Admins should make sure to sign in with their Entity Admin accounts.

Host/IT Admin & Participant sign-in

  1. Sign in with the Google, Microsoft, or Apple account you used to register your myViewBoard account:
    • Google.svg Sign in with Google
    • Microsoft.svg Sign in with Microsoft
    • Apple.svg Sign in with Apple
  2. Sign in with your email:
    • Provide your email.
    • Press Sign in.
    • Then provide your password.
    • Press Sign in.

Host/IT adminParticipant



You may notice in the Participant sign-in animation above that a host name is required on sign-in. This host name is required to join a myViewBoard Whiteboard host session. Learn more about joining a Whiteboard session.



To reset your password, press Forgot Password? This process will trigger an email to be sent to the email associated with your myViewBoard account that will help you reset your password.

Don't have an account?

Sign up: If you haven't created a myViewBoard account yet, you can do so at make the most use of the myViewBoard Suite and its features, sign up is recommended.


Join as guest

If you don’t have a myViewBoard account and still want to use Companion for work collaboration, then type in the Host name and Your name in the given fields.

Alternatively, use the Companion App to scan the QR code of the Whiteboard session you want to join. Once signed in, you will be able to use the Companion App as a remote control for your Whiteboard for Windows, Android, and iOS sessions.

Guest sign-in with Host name filled in using QR code.

Session password when joining

When the Whiteboard session host has set a session password, whether the Companion user is signing in as a participant or guest, they will have to input this session password.

In such cases, the host should share their session password from within myViewBoard Whiteboard, and the Companion user will be asked to input this password along with the host name.

Session password dialog when joining after sing-in.Session password dialog when joining as a guest.

If you have signed in as a host/IT admin, no session password is required. However, if you wish to interact with the Whiteboard session and you are not the host of the Whiteboard session, a session password will be required. Learn more about joining through Magic Box features.

If you have signed in with the same account as you did as the myViewBoard Whiteboard host, you will not be asked for a session password.

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